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problem with my game

  • greeting to everyone they read my post, I had a problem in my gta 5, when I launch gta 5 story mode, the npcs or any other robot bug, as if I will activate the functionaliter (ignore by everyone) so I do not know if this is because of the new gta update or a bug of my mod or that I would have activated the functionaliter (ignore by all the world thanks to the mods menu) and that I would have left the game by recording the game with (ignore by everyone) so activating his would probably have drunk the NPCs? if you knew anything, please answer me under this post.:blush:

  • @Reddguns do you mean the functionality of ignored by everyone is not working? Or the exact opposite? The Google translate isn't very good in this case. You didn't say which trainer you are using but look for an ini or settings file and edit the entry to true or false. I have a similar problem, if im understanding you correctly, with the trainer and license plates that i can only fix manually.

    If this not the issue please post in your native language, will be easier to translate.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN it is the opposite :frowning: , im french haha

  • @Reddguns Je parle français couramment, tu peux répéter ton message en français.

    Pour Menyoo (MenyooConfig.ini):

    player_ignored_by_everyone = false

    Simple Trainer (trainerV.ini):

    EveryoneIgnorePlayer=0 //Everyone Ignore Player

  • @JohnFromGWN merci beaucoup mais sa marche pas , je pense que je vais essayer de remettre les fichier de base du jeux sans mod pour voir si les pnj mignore toujours :relieved:

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