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The future of vehicle mods

  • I downloaded, installed, and drove a beautiful 2022 Lamborghini Countach that was recently uploaded. Not long afterwards, maybe the next day, this Lamborghini had its download link removed by a well intentioned moderator in response to many comments that the model, highly detailed, high polygons, crashed systems. Moderator characterized the mod as broken and not optimized when in reality the only defect i found was minor clipping of driver's hat through the roof, but only when viewed at certain angles.

    Thankfully the decision to remove the download link was reversed and the model is now available to all. Now this brings up a bigger issue. The vast majority of vehicle mods are not created from scratch, they are conversions from existing 3D models, mostly from other games including SA, and therein lies the issue for the future of vehicles for GTA5.

    The RAGE engine which GTA5 runs on does a great job of running current vanilla cars and with the help of gameconfigs and associated mods we can even enjoy more highly detailed mods. However the RAGE engine is getting old, definitely not in the same league as the newer Unreal 5 engine on which a GTA6 would potentially be developed.

    So as game engines get more powerful, as hardware becomes more powerful, we can expect bigger and better vehicles to appear in games such as Forza, and those models to get converted for GTA5.

    But they will come at a cost, taxing our hardware and testing the reliability of our systems. So when these new megapolygon, megasize vehicles start to appear on the mod pages let's not start whining they crash our systems. Instead upgrade your computer and configure your system as best as you can or simply avoid installing them. For sure we could reach a point where the limiting factor is RAGE itself but were not there yet.

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