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Mods not working

  • Hey, So ive downloaded simple trainer and menyoo and map editor but none of them work when i press f4,f7,f3 they all dont work and i followed a yt video on all of them and ik i did it correctly and it works for them in game. Ive been ahving troubles and my gta 5 would crash on start up before i started downloading these and ive got nativeUI and script hook v and script hookv.net idk what else to do if somone can help me??

  • If none of them are working then that indicates a problem with your scripthook. Double check that you've installed SHV and all parts of SHVDN correctly, as well as the pre-requisites that come with OpenIV when you install that.

  • @ItsJustCurtis he wrote gta5 was crashing before downloading the mods, so other issues at play.

  • @Drxpy if your game was already crashing on startup before downloading mods, it certainly won't get fixed by installing mods. Remove your mods and do a verify integrity or reinstall if that doesn’t fix your startup issues.

    Once your GTA5 is stable, then you can install your mods, which are not installed correctly because if they were, then they would work, right?

    So start with a working game and then reinstall, extracting files and placing them in the right folders. If you haven't done so already install OpenIV and create a mods folder.

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