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GTA 5 just stopped recognizing addon cars/replacements?

  • So, I have been modding for years now, and I have encountered this problem one other time and couldn't figure anything out - had to do a hard reset and get rid of so much. I do not want to do that again.

    Basically, All of my mod cars worked at one point, then I stopped playing for a few weeks, and came back to the game only to find out that all of my addon cars and replacements will not spawn.
    All of the DLC files are in the game, and all of the "<Item>blank</Item>" codes are correct and included in the dlclist.xml in the mods folder, however, whenever I hop into GTA5, none of the spawn names work, and none of the cars that I have saved in my mod menu work either. All of the replaced cars are back to their old models. What is happening, and what can I do? Thanks!

  • @Fluffy_Foxtato something had to change in your computing environment. Do vanilla cars behave normally, can you drive them? How are you spawning addon vehicles and are you getting an error message, what version of game, Steam or Epic, windows 10?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN Vanilla cars do behave normally; I can drive them, sit in them, take them all over the map, and the game is fine.
    I am using the steam version on Windows 10, and I am using version 1.0.2372.2.
    To spawn the cars, I am using the Menyoo mod menu and using the "spawn by name" option in the vehicle spawner.
    I have gotten no error message other than when entering the addon car code (i.e. vans123 or impala58, ANY addon car code) it says, "invalid car name" or something like that, basically saying that that car/file does not exist.

    Another weird thing is that my user music has disappeared from the radio wheel as well? I don't know if that is related but just wanted to bring it up in case it was.

  • @Fluffy_Foxtato Is it possible you let OpenIV copy over your mods folder after the Tuner Update.
    Check you dlclist.xml and see if the cars you included in your reply are there or not. I'm guessing they're not in your dlclist.xml.
    If they are there, check dlcpacks to make sure the mods are there as well.
    Finally check your spawnname -it's not always the same as the folder name.
    I realize you have experience modding, but that's the first things I would check.

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