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Traffic lights

  • Hello, I have a question about traffic lights. I create custom maps by menyoo for myself. I click on object spooner, object spawn, I find traffic light by search "traffic" and I put it in some place, what I want. But traffic lights aren´t shining. Why? It is some problem? Or why traffic light doesn´t work? Thank you for help.

  • @pat000
    I don't know what kind of traffic light prop you are using, whether it's just a dead non-functional traffic light prop or one from the game etc, but even if does have all the functionality of the vanilla traffic lights you'll likely have to learn how to use CodeWalker & also edit 'junctions.xml' to get it to function correctly as a traffic light (maybe other things too).
    Afaik, what you are asking to do is not that simple a task, you will likely need pretty well-rounded, broad & versatile GTA V modding expertise to accomplish it. If you are just starting out modding GTA V, I would probably forget about it for a while, until you get comfortable modding various parts of the game & can combine that skill set to achieve what you want.

    If however, you are determined to do it now, having a look at this mod & seeing how that mod author has done it would be a good place to start. If you contact him & ask, he's likely to give you a more informed answer to what can & cannot be done regarding traffic lights than I can :thumbsup:

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