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Popping Issue Fix?

  • Has anybody found a fix (or mod) for the texture and shadow popping seen in my footage below? It's really destroying my playing experience right now.


    (I have shadow/texture distance/scaling up to maximum)

    PC: I7-8700k, RTX 2080, 16GB RAM, Res 3440x1440
    settings mostly high or very high

  • @Miles-Plumley i doubt its your hardware, easily exceeds requirements, but i think you answered your own question. Try lowering distance and extended distance scaling parameters down to the minimum, just to see if that fixes the issue.

  • Hi - Thanks for replying

    I've tried this but its just makes the popping closer :(

  • @Miles-Plumley I wonder if it could be your ultra wide monitor. Are any textures distorted?

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Textures do flicker occasionally on GTA and Final Fantasy 15. Not sure how I would test this though?

  • @Miles-Plumley I'm not sure. Do you have vsync on or off? If your FPS is higher than your monitor's refresh rate you might have some tearing and similar graphic issues.

  • @Miles-Plumley
    Looks to me like the LOD > HD textures are just different apparent colours. Never really noticed any shadow issues in the vid.

    Zoomed in screenshot comparison illustrating the apparent texture differences here.

    GTA V suffers from this somewhat even in the vanilla game. A lot of the trouble stems from the fact that direct lighting can influence HD textures far more than it does LOD textures (at least the way Rockstar have them set up). Different weathers can influence the apparent (ie what you see in-game) difference between the colours/brightness of the LOD & HD textures in different ways (especially where direct light/sunlight is concerned, it can make HD textures look much lighter/brighter in colour than they actually are in the textures). Test a weather without any direct light ('<light_dir_mult>' = 0.000 etc), if you have any that is, & you may well find the textures transition perfectly, or at least, less noticably & then on top of that, changing & modding the lighting &/or vegetation textures can make it even more noticable in certain circumstances (if it's not taken into account by the mod author while creating a timecycle etc).

    Easiest Solution:
    If practical, the easiest way to fix your issue would be to edit the HD textures to be darker (if you can. They might be pretty dark already & you don't want to end up with crushed blacks messing up the look of the textures etc. Saying that, I reckon you'll be fine, the HD textures are pretty bright in that vid, doesn't look like they are having any issues in contrast (staying dark in places even though bright light is being shone on them etc) & even if you do have issues there, it's often possible to edit the '.ydr' itself (export to XML with CodeWalker) & make it appear darker/edit the way light interacts with it that way instead).

    The reason matching the HD textures to the LOD textures is easier than the other way around is that it's much easier to find & edit all the HD textures (they're in 'v_trees.rpf' & 'v_bush.rpf' in a few various locations in the game. Use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to find them) than it is to track down all of the hundreds of LOD textures in hundreds of different '.ydr's & '.ytd's spread out all throughout the game & in different '.rpf's etc.

    Have you installed any vegetation mods? They might be making the apparent difference worse & might be worth considering uninstalling them, or at least testing what difference it makes etc. If not that, then it's just a byproduct of your timecycle/reshade/lighting setup. As mentioned, if you edit the HD textures, it's not too hard to fix, or at least, make it a heap less noticable in most circumstances.

    Things to be aware of:
    The only real issues you will have, is you might not like the new darker shade of HD trees/bushes when you are close to them (you would have to move to editing the LOD textures in that case, a much bigger job, requiring use of CodeWalker's Binary Search to find where each of the textures reside).
    Also it can be tricky to find a compromise between the colour a tree/bush etc appears when direct sunlight is shining on it & the colour it appears when there is no sunlight (or much, much less) shining on it (if your timecycle has weathers like that etc, it might not, but you probably want to look at low light times like dawn & dusk also & see if transitions are more, or less apparent etc).
    As mentioned, changes in direct sunlight changes the apparent HD colour, but usually not the LOD colour, or certainly to a much lesser extent. Therefore, as with many things in GTA V, it's all about compromise. Ideally, you want to find a HD colour/brightness that matches up pretty well to the LOD textures in as many weathers & situations (like if clouds block out sun etc) as possible. You are not going to get it to match up exactly in all circumstances, but you can get to a point where it works really well in some weathers & you hardly notice it in others :thumbsup:.

    The other thing to take into account is the actual shade of colour. As far as LOD transitions are concerned, that matters as much as the brightness to avoid any 'popping in' effects. You want to try & get them to look like they are the same hue as well as same bightness etc, which unfortunately direct light colours can influence somewhat also.


    • Take a look in 'v_trees.rpf' & 'v_bush.rpf' & get an idea of what you will have to edit
    • You want to then make a list of the props that have LOD/HD colour/brightness transition issues (CodeWalker can help identifying individual trees/bushes by name, if needed)
    • Make backups of 'v_trees.rpf' & 'v_bush.rpf' before you edit anything
    • Then jump into 'v_trees.rpf' & 'v_bush.rpf' & extact & darken the textures using Photoshop/GIMP/Paint etc (any issues with any already very dark textures, perhaps look at editing the '.ydr' using CodeWalker's 'export to XML' instead)
    • Taking screenshots of LOD & HD colours (just before & after transition) will give you a rough guide as to how much to darken them by & whether colour hues match up, although with so many variables at play it'll likely take a few goes to find acceptable colours/brightnesses for each prop/tree/bush & each weather you have etc

    There may be the odd tree/bush that has it's textures (or some of them) in a '.ydr' somewhere that you'll have to find, but you should be able to get most, if not all of your problem props fixed by editing just the textures in 'v_trees.rpf' & 'v_bush.rpf'. Initially, just concentrate on the colour/brightness of the leaves/foliage. Trunks/bark colour/brightness transition issues are usually less noticable etc, but totally your call, if you notice the transition, maybe you want to edit their colour/brightness at the same time etc (you should find them usually in the same '.ytd's as the foliage). Just concentrate on one tree/bush at a time & move through them, fixing each one as you go.

    Other Options:
    You may find using another timecycle makes the transitions somewhat less noticable. People like their timecycles tho, so I doubt you probably want to do this, & also, there will be much less control over the final look doing it this way. More like a shot in the dark etc, but just thought I'd mention it, so you know what your options are & what likelyhood there is for a sufficient fix doing it either way etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I'm so grateful for your feedback and knowledge. I'll be looking at this over the next few days and will let you know how I get on

    Thanks again my friend

  • @Miles-Plumley
    Cool bud, just take your time with it, one tree/bush at a time. You may find ones you don't need to edit, so make a list first. If you want to know what tree is what, there is a guide with pics on this page :thumbsup:. Looking at the '.ydr's in OpenIV should help identify them too (there's no GTA V bushes in that link, just trees).

    Back everything up before you edit it, so you can revert if need be. If you have a vegetation mod installed, the textures may be in it's add-on instead of the default locations. If so, you would edit those textures instead.

    You'll pretty much just be editing the diffuse/coloured textures (the ones that look pretty much how they do in-game), but just so you know, the purple looking textures, with their name ending '_n' are normal/bump map textures (used to fake the lighting of bumps and dents/roughness). You shouldn't need to edit them. The black & white ones ending in '_s' are specular textures, ie how shiny or reflective a texture appears. White = very shiny, Black = dull/un-shiny. You probably don't need to edit them either, but if parts look too shiny, darkening them too can help.

    If you have any issues/questions, just hit us up in his thread. :thumbsup:

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