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addon car crash when drive it

  • hey all I create 6 addon car only one addon car I have a problem, when I drive it my gta is crash any have a solution?
    there my addon https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hknUClWPKCpLcaVM-EQUqITodlwIXTpX/view?usp=sharing maybe can help, made by myself

  • which car mod would that be?

  • made by myself, sorry about not spesific question

  • @Dunz
    You're issue is most likely ZModeler3 related. It's going to be pretty impossible for anyone to guess what caused it or how your .meta files should be set up for the vehicle in question, if they are indeed the issue.
    Is any error message produced? If so that might offer a clue.

    I have no ZM3 experience, so I'm going to be of no help. The best advice I can give you is to either edit the title of this thread to include ZModeler3 or search out people who have experience with ZM3 (either here on gta5-mods, on discord or in the ZM3 GTA V forum).

    Warning to Others Reading This:
    It's entirely possible for a messed up model to completely trash GTA V making it only recoverable from backup. @Dunz I noticed you posted a link to the vehicle in the other thread here, so I would advise anyone reading this to be sure to at least backup 'update.rpf' (if not a full 'mods' folder backup) before installing & trying out that model.

  • @a63nt-5m1th not any error. force close when I drive it the car, I contact to founder ZM3 but he can't.
    this answer from ZM3 founder:
    Oleg Melashenko
    Sab, 11 Sep 18.33 (2 hari yang lalu)
    kepada saya

    Hello Hamadun,

    I do not make any fixes on user content, you can post this issue on forum.
    Also, I do not have the game on my laptop device, so I can't even test
    anything currently.

  • @Dunz
    Post your issue to the ZM3 forum. See if anyone there has any ideas.

    Then actively seek out users on here (& other sites like
    LSPDFR & such) that you know from their posts or mods they create have experience using ZM3 to make cars.

    Also, if you edit your original post at the top of this page by hitting the 3 vertical dots (to the right of reply & quote) & then selecting ':pen_ballpoint: Edit' you'll be able to edit the title to include 'ZModeler3' (might help in attracting users knowledgable in ZM3 issues etc) :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks BTW for helpme with good answer, I try post in ZM3 forum, and just waiting for a reply

  • @Dunz
    Sorry I couldn't help more, just never used ZM3.

    One thing that does spring to mind though. As you have nothing to lose, why not load up ZM3 & go through the process of building the car. I mean, load it up & then go through the process you used to build it, not actually doing it, but just check you didn't make any silly mistakes & everything looks right.
    Also, if everything is backed up, maybe try changing &/or re-doing a few things or just simply re-exporting it. Maybe something is just a bit funky or the export just got messed up etc.

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