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Mods Like LivelyWorld?

  • ONLY with LivelyWorld activated do I get stutter. WOV, NVR, VisualV, LA Revo 2.0, and other mods cause no lag at all(All activated). This mod also causes planes to fall out of the sky constantly. Anyways, are there any other mods like this? If so, what are the best?

    PS. Here's my specs:

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650Ti
    16GB RAM

    EDIT: I downgraded to the 5.5b version of the mod and performance dramatically increased, but now after 5-10 minutes I always CTD.

    Here's the log:
    9/13/2021 12:17:09 AM - Bennys
    9/13/2021 12:17:09 AM - IsRaining()
    9/13/2021 12:17:09 AM - HICCUP DETECTED (602ms) - check the output above this to find the culprit

    I'd still like to know if there are any mods like this one though, this mod has a lot kinks to work out. Still a pretty good mod from the 60 minutes I've used it.

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