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[HELP] Vehicle wheels off-axis after export

  • Basic run-down: I'm using Zmod3 to fix a car that had a bugged Left-rear wheel (original wheel mesh wouldn't change when putting custom rims on).
    (I'm posting this cause I've looked around for solutions but none come up. Also there doesn't seem to be a search feature on the forums so I'm SOL)
    I imported the car and saw that wheel_lf did not have brackets around it even though it had a mesh, so I rename it to [wheel_lf]
    I do nothing else to the car ; I export it to the name of the original yft in "normal" and "_hi" versions; I replace the original car yft models (the originals are backed up). I go in game to spawn it and the wheels look like this:


    alternate link if pic doesn't show : https://imgur.com/gallery/JYVke5Y

    I look at it in OpenIV and the car looks the EXACT same as the original.

    I tested this: importing and exporting the car without changing anything - same result of messed up wheels

    I have a feeling I'm supposed to reset something while inside zmod but I'm not sure what to change...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ON3FLY3R what are your export settings in zmod?

  • @drlq99 "Lock" - off
    "Save Thumbnail" - on
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    Skeletal - off
    Export LODS - autodetect

  • @ON3FLY3R does the car have LODs to begin with? if it doesnt, try exporting both normal and hi with the "export lods" set to highest only

  • @drlq99 I figured out I had to check the Skeletal option for exporting cars and uncheck Skeletal for doing individual wheel models. Small oversight that I figured out

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