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GTA5 911 Help and Checklist - What to do when Mods make you Mad

  • This is a series of hopefully simple videos aimed to help you troubleshoot Mod issues. We won't cover how to install basic mods such as Open IV or ScripthookV, nor will we address mod specific issues because there are just too many mods to cover. Instead we give you the nuts and bolts of getting a modded system to run properly. Mod specific issues should be posted in the Installation Help & Troubleshooting section of the forum, in their own thread.

    Level: Absolute beginner, beginner, curious intermediate. Jump to Checklist if you prefer. To search these forums, use this syntax:
    Example site:forums.gta5-mods.com vehicles.meta

    Part 1.The Absolute Basics.

    First video is just to confirm you have installed the right files in the right folders to run Mods. View full screen on YouTube at 1080P for best readability.

    Part 2. Where lies the Problem.

    In this next part for absolute beginners, we cover a very general overview of where the problem or problems you encounter might reside.

    Part 3.Two very important files: gameconfig.xml and dlclist.xml.

    We take a look at where these two files should be installed, warn the beginner against trying to modify gameconfig.xml, and provide a simple tip on how to edit dlclist.xml to avoid syntax errors which would result in invalid models or other errors.

  • Part 4.The Mods Folder From Windows.

    In part 4 of our series we verify the correct structure of the critical user Mods folder as seen from Windows Explorer. YouTube at 1080P for best readability.

    Part 5.The Mods Folder From Open IV

    In part 5 of our series we verify the correct structure of the critical user Mods folder again, but this time from Open IV. YouTube at 1080P for best readability.

  • Part 6. Mods or Game not working! An Overview

    In part 6 of our series we take a 30,000 foot view of what can go wrong and why along with the first step in a proven methodology that will definitely get your game fixed unless the cause is demonic possession.

    Part 7. Mods or Game not working! Root and Scripts Folder

    In part 7 of our series, another 30,000 foot view of what can go wrong, this time in the root and scripts folder.

  • Part 8. Top Ten Modding Mistakes.

    In part 8 of our series, a look at the most common mistakes that can occur when installing mods.

    GTA5 911 Help Desk. Recover from a broken game.

    Part of the How To Playlist.
    How to backup and restore game problems resulting from corrupt or damaged or overwritten game files.
    Also how to prepare game to continue playing after an update.

  • The New to Modding Checklist.

    1. What should I have installed for modding GTA5 Single Player?
    The two following files are the absolute essentials if you are going to add mods. Do not download from other links to ensure you have the current versions.

    Script Hook V
    Open IV

    2. Where do I install Script Hook V?
    Script Hook V does not have an installer, you simply copy the 2 files below (from the extracted package) to the same folder as your GTA5.exe. You can call this your game folder, or installation folder, or root folder.

    When you unzip or extract the downloaded Script Hook package you will see a bin folder. That's the only folder you want. There are 3 files in the bin folder of the Script Hook V download. You only need two of them: ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll. Both copied in the game folder. You don't copy the bin folder, just those 2 files. You don't need NativeTrainer.asi.

    3. Where do I install Open IV?
    Open IV, pronounced Open Four, has an installer. Just accept the default path for the installation and follow the instructions. Open IV will ask you if you want to install three different files. Say yes to all of them. They are: ASI Loader, OpenIV.asi, and openCamera. ASI loader is exactly the same as dinput8.dll from ScriptHook V but that's ok. openCamera will be useful if you use the R* editor. OpenIV.asi is a must.

    alt text

    4. How do I know my files are properly installed?
    If you followed the instructions carefully for OpenIV then the program itself will be installed in a hidden windows folder called AppData, however you will be able to see at the very least these 4 key files : OpenIV.asi, ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll in the same folder as GTA5.exe. Like this:

    alt text

  • Always verify that you scripthook v is properly updated and only download it from the official Alexander Blade site. Remember it should be in the same folder as GTA5.exe. You can check the version numbers by right clicking GTA5. exe, the same with scripthookv.dll, to ensure they are current.

    At time of writing, this is what it looks like. Of course version numbers will change with time.
    alt text
    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Which gameconfig and heap adjuster are the best? No simple answer. Try any of these combinations.

    1. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    2. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    3. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    4. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    Option 4 is the only one that works for me after Tuner Update. Nothing else works. Ofc I have the packfile now as well.

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