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GTA5 911 Help and Checklist - What to do when Mods make you Mad

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    This is a series of hopefully simple articles and videos aimed to help you troubleshoot Mod issues. We won't cover how to install basic mods such as Open IV or ScripthookV, nor will we address mod specific issues because there are just too many mods to cover. Instead we give you the nuts and bolts of getting a modded system to run properly. Mod specific issues should be posted in the Installation Help & Troubleshooting section of the forum, in their own thread.

    Tip: to search these forums, use this syntax in your browser search bar. As an example, enter the following if searching for the file vehicles.meta.

    site:forums.gta5-mods.com vehicles.meta

    Part 1.The Absolute Basics.

    First video is just to confirm you have installed the right files in the right folders to run Mods.
    View full screen on YouTube at 1080P for best readability.

    Part 2. Where lies the Problem.

    In this next part for absolute beginners, we cover a very general overview of where the problem or problems you encounter might reside.

  • Part 3.Two very important files: gameconfig.xml and dlclist.xml.

    We take a look at where these two files should be installed, warn the beginner against trying to modify gameconfig.xml, and provide a simple tip on how to edit dlclist.xml to avoid syntax errors which would result in invalid models or other errors.

    Part 4.The Mods Folder From Windows.

    In part 4 of our series we verify the correct structure of the critical user Mods folder as seen from Windows Explorer. YouTube at 1080P for best readability.

    Part 5.The Mods Folder From Open IV

    In part 5 of our series we verify the correct structure of the critical user Mods folder again, but this time from Open IV. YouTube at 1080P for best readability.


  • Part 6. Mods or Game not working! An Overview

    In part 6 of our series we take a 30,000 foot view of what can go wrong and why along with the first step in a proven methodology that will definitely get your game fixed unless the cause is demonic possession.

    Part 7. Mods or Game not working! Root and Scripts Folder

    In part 7 of our series, another 30,000 foot view of what can go wrong, this time in the root and scripts folder.



  • Part 8. Top Ten Modding Mistakes.

    In part 8 of our series, a look at the most common mistakes that can occur when installing mods.

    GTA5 911 Help Desk. Recover from a broken game.

    Part of the How To Playlist. How to backup and restore game problems resulting from corrupt or damaged or overwritten game files. Also how to prepare game to continue playing after an update.


  • The New to Modding Checklist.

    1. What should I have installed for modding GTA5 Single Player?
    The two following files are the absolute essentials if you are going to add mods. Do not download from other links to ensure you have the current versions.

    Script Hook V
    Open IV

    2. Where do I install Script Hook V?
    Script Hook V does not have an installer, you simply copy the 2 files below (from the extracted package) to the same folder as your GTA5.exe. You can call this your game folder, or installation folder, or root folder.

    When you unzip or extract the downloaded Script Hook package you will see a bin folder. That's the only folder you want. There are 3 files in the bin folder of the Script Hook V download. You only need two of them: ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll. Both copied in the game folder. You don't copy the bin folder, just those 2 files. You don't need NativeTrainer.asi.

    3. Where do I install Open IV?
    Open IV, pronounced Open Four, has an installer. Just accept the default path for the installation and follow the instructions. Open IV will ask you if you want to install three different files. Say yes to all of them. They are: ASI Loader, OpenIV.asi, and openCamera. ASI loader is exactly the same as dinput8.dll from ScriptHook V but that's ok. openCamera will be useful if you use the R* editor. OpenIV.asi is a must.

    alt text

    4. How do I know my files are properly installed?
    If you followed the instructions carefully for OpenIV then the program itself will be installed in a hidden windows folder called AppData, but that's not important. However you do want to view, at the very least, these key files : OpenIV.asi, ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll in the same folder as GTA5.exe. Like this:

    alt text

    Also Read: New Users - Important Mods Checklist

    Also Read: Essential and Highly Recommended Mods


  • Scripthook V

    Always verify that your scripthook v is properly updated and only download it from the official Alexander Blade site. Remember it should be in the same folder as GTA5.exe. You can check the version numbers by right clicking GTA5. exe, the same with scripthookv.dll, to ensure they are current. At time of writing, this is what it looks like.

    alt text alt text

  • Gameconfig.xml mods are not created equal

    Which gameconfig and heap adjuster are the best? No simple answer. Try any of these combinations.

    1. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    2. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    3. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    4. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    Pack File Limit Adjuster

    Option 4 is the only one that works for me after Tuner Update. Nothing else works. And for the very first time, i had to install the packfile mod as well. And note I"m using the heap adjuster that was NOT recommended for my gameconfig choice.

    Of course those aren't the only gameconfig mods available, just the most downloaded and most popular at the time of writing this article. So you can experiment. For more advanced users you can also edit the values and try what works best for you.

    With respect to the Packfile limit adjuster, there is only one available at time of writing.



  • Game Failures - Common Causes

    There are so many factors or combinations of factors which is why patience and a step by step approach is required. The following is a list of common issues, however this list is in no way complete as there are too many different setups out there involving PC hardware, software, game settings, installed mods, mod settings, etc.

    1. PC hardware (GPU, CPU, System RAM, available storage/HDD) may not be powerful enough to meet requirements for modding. Particularly true for laptops. For example, if you are running Windows 7 on a laptop with integrated graphics go real easy on the type and quantity of mods you install. If you can't upgrade your components or the PC itself, again add mods one by one and see if you can handle them before adding others.

    2. PC Software such as video or other PC drivers. Make sure drivers are up to date, particularly if you are experiencing texture issues like flickering, tearing, texture losses, or low FPS. Set graphic settings to default or lower if necessary. DirectX and NET Framework versions can cause issues as well.

    3. GTA5 Version (Steam, Epic, Retail) not updated or using warez version. GTA5 should be uncracked and kept updated with most recent mods when available. Support for cracked versions is not available here.

    4. Scripthook V (latest version) not properly installed. Must be installed in root folder with GTA5.exe (same location for asi mods). Extract the package, remove ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll from the bin folder, and place them in the root folder. You don't need and don't want the trainer file. Don't confuse scripthook with scripthook dot net. See point 8.

    5. OpenIV not properly installed, use its default settings and you shouldn't have any issues.

    6. Gameconfig.xml missing or improperly installed. You need OpenIV to install it. Use base settings to start. Don't modify this file based on some random post you read. It should work fine even with 300+ cars or peds installed right out of the box. Note: OIV installers can delete this file and replace it with an outdated one.

    7. Heap and packfile limit adjusters. Use the Heap mod recommended for your gameconfig to start, keep default settings. These files go in root folder with GTA5.exe

    8. Script Hook V .NET, NativeUI, and LemonUI. These important and often required mods could be missing or not installed properly. Follow mod instructions carefully. These are not required by all mods. The dot net files go in the root folder but most .dll files go in the scripts folder. Additionally, updates to Script Hook V .NET and LemonUI could break scripts as they are not always backwards compatible. NativeUI is no longer updated.

    9. Mod File Structure. Ensure all folders are correctly implemented. There are YT videos which actually have the wrong structure. For example update.rpf in wrong folder. You also may need to set folder permissions given many mods will write or save information on your PC. Watch the videos in this thread if unsure or to confirm proper setup.

    10. Dlclist.xml. New addons must be added to this file, with the correct folder names and correct syntax. Best to copy a working entry and edit it. Make sure you have opening and closing tags for example. Note: OIV installers can delete this file and replace it with an outdated one.

    11. Improper installation of mods in the wrong folder/wrong path, or missing mod requirements. Note: OIVs are better installed manually. Caution is required for replace mods as they often involve more than one path/location. Always use a Mods folder. The root folder is where your .asi and many .dll files are installed (e.g. dinput8.dll, ScriptHookV.dll) but generally speaking the .dll from script mods will be in the scripts folder. Proper Installation of Tools and Script Mods

    12. Quantity. Too many mods installed, particularly high polygon count vehicles or massive maps/MLOs. GTA5 was not designed for modding. Push too far, too much and you will crash. You can mitigate issues with properly configured gameconfig, visual settings, and the proper hardware.

    13. Currency. Outdated or defective mods may no longer work with new versions of GTA5 or other mods. Old mods do die.

    14. Corrupt or missing game files. This may happen with or without meaningful error messages. The save game file may also be corrupted, particularly if autosaving during a crash. A verify integrity (or reinstall) will fix most issues, but not corrupt save files, so backup. If necessary start a new game.

    15. Customizing mods. As you are more experienced, you will likely customize yourself. Making edits to files such as handling.meta, converting replace vehicles to addons, adding or replacing textures, renaming files, and consolidating dlcs into one rpf. All of these actions require attention to detail. Mistakes will lead to possible issues which is why keeping track of changes will help troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

    16. Reinstalling. Doing a complete reinstall rather than a verify integrity is not usually necessary. Many users are under the wrong impression that this will fix broken mods as well. A reinstall only impacts GTA5 files, it does nothing to your saved games or mod files. Which is why a clean reinstall is the way to go when all else fails. This means uninstalling and then manually deleting any remaining files and folders in documents as if game never existed.

    17. Editing Wrong File. Duplicate file and folder names exist throughout both the Games and Mod folders. Always ensure you are editing the proper file or folder from the proper path. For example dlclist.xml can also be found in components.rpf and that's not the file you want to edit. You want the one in mods, update, update.rpf.

    18. Game Updates. These are notorious for breaking games completely or specific mods. See this Recovering from a game update for more info. Remember that Rockstar updates and patches don't break GTA5, they only break modded GTA5.

    19. OIV Installations. As mentioned in points 6,10, and 11, automatic installers such as OIVs can replace new files with outdated ones. Avoid them if possible, do a manual installation.

    20. Update.rpf updates. Copying a new version of Update.rpf after a Rockstar game update, from the game folder to your mods folder, either manually or as prompted to do so by OpenIV will result in gameconfig.xml, dlclist.xml, and any of your customizations to be deleted and replaced, causing potential crashes and preventing addons from loading if you don't replace these files from backups.

    21. Bad Advice. Be wary of morons on YouTube who claim 100% fixes for GTA5 crashes. Particularly the ones advising you wrongly to replace dinput8.dll with the one from the Windows system32 folder. It won't load any mods, giving you a false impression game is fixed.

    If your game doesn't load or run properly with a fresh install and without any mods installed, consult the official Rockstar troubleshooting guide.


  • Troubleshooting

    The following suggestions will give you a great starting point for troubleshooting a GTA5 game that was working but no longer works. If your game never worked properly in the first place, start at the top of this post and read it entirely or just the sections that apply to you. Most importantly, make sure your folder structure is correct and the installations are in the right folders and paths.

    If your game is now suddenly broken (crash, hangs, won't load), after an update, after installing more mods, or randomly, try this process to isolate the issue. Follow these steps faithfully and this systematic approach will help you discover, not necessarily what the problem is, but almost certainly where the issue lies:

    Troubleshooting Guide
    Step 1. Run the game without mods. You want to rule out any hardware, PC software, or game file issues and ensure your game runs stably in vanilla mode - without any mods - no scripts, no addons, no trainers. You don't need to uninstall anything at this point. Instructions: Simply rename dinput8.dll which you will find in your root folder (where GTA5.exe is) to dinput8.bak and start your game. If your game nows runs properly without mods and without incident, move to the next step. You now know your game itself is fine. If it doesn't run, start with a Verify Integrity, and worst case a complete reinstall with a new saved game file as well.
    Step 2. Disable your scripts folder. You want to rule out script or script conflict issues. Instructions: First ensure dinput8.dll has been renamed to its original name, then rename your scripts folder to Xscripts (or whatever you want). Again start your game. If your game runs stably with the scripts folder disabled, you know the problem is with one or a combination of scripts. Uninstall them, one or in small groups, and reinstall until you find the problem. If your game still doesn't run while all your scripts are disabled, you can now suspect the Mods Folder.
    Step 3. Disable your mods folder. You want to rule out addon mod or mod conflict issues. The mods folder includes key files such as dlclist.xml, gameconfig.xml, and your Dlcpacks folder with addon peds, vehicles, etc. Instructions: First rename the scripts folder back to its original name, then rename the Mods folder to XMods (or whatever you want). You do not need to edit dlclist.xml. Just start your game. If your game runs with the mods folder disabled, you have an issue with one or a combination of mods. Once more, uninstall them, one or in small groups, and reinstall until you find the problem. Ensure you do not have any syntax errors in dlclist.xml and that your gameconfig is installed and updated along with heap and pack adjuster mods.
    Step 4. Disable your asi mods. The last step is to ensure it is not a trainer or other asi file that is causing issues. It is less likely to be your trainer, but it could be an .asi mod that is outdated, conflicting, or just not right for your system . Use the same process of renaming the mods, but go one by one. Don't rename OpenIV, it's not necessary. Also make sure to change .asi extension to something like .bak, if you keep the extension as an .asi it will still try to be loaded by dinput8.dll and could cause issues.

    The steps above are exclusively for mod related issues. They assume your game runs fine without any mods installed. If none of the above works, read the section entitled Game Failures - Common Causes.

    If your game does not, or never did run, without any mods installed you can also check the official Rockstar support page for possible solutions.

    An updated version of this section can be found here.



  • Proper Installation of Tools and Script Mods

    It's always important to read the instructions that come with any mods. Here we examine two very common mod types.

    ASI Mods
    The asi filetype we're talking about here is a library specific to GTA5. These files are loaded by a file called dinput8.dll, also aptly know as the asi loader. This file is packaged with Scripthook V and with Open IV. ASI files are installed in the root folder where GTA5.exe is found.

    Examples: ScriptHookDotNet.asi, Menyo.asi, PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi, OpenIV.asi, TrainerV.asi, NoBoundaryLimits.asi, and your Heap or Heap Limit Adjuster.

    DLL Mods
    These files, dynamic link libraries, generally go in your Scripts folder. Most script mods will be installed in that folder. We won't list them because there are too many but here are some.

    Examples: NativeUI.dll, LemonUI.dll, LemonUI.SHVDN3.dll, NAudio.dll, and all the scripts that you create yourself using an IDE or compiler such as Visual Studio.

    DLL Exceptions
    While the overwhelming majority of script dll mods go in the Scripts folder, there are some important file exceptions that go in root folder:

    Steam and GTA5 game dlls, dinput8.dll, the ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet dlls - all to be installed in root with GTA5.exe.

    Are my files loading
    To verify if your asi files are loading properly, open asiloader.log in a text editor. Do the same with ScriptHookV.log.



  • More about key modding files

    Scripthook V
    From the author, Alexander Blade: "Script Hook V is the library that allows to use GTA V script native functions in custom ASI plugins. Note that it doesn't work in GTA Online, script hook closes GTA V when player goes in multiplayer". This is the file that allows modders to create asi mods such as Trainers. Scripthook V is packaged with the Asi Loader (aka dinput8.dll). Mods will not run without Scripthook V.

    Installation: manual, destination is root folder. Two files should be installed of the 3 packaged: ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll, the trainer file is not required nor recommended.

    Many GTA V files, like the dlc.rpf files (downloadable content/rage package file) are archives - very much like zip files/packages. However, you can't extract them. You can't open them to view the contents with common apps such as winzip, or 7-Zip, or Winrar. That's because rpf files are protected, they are encrypted.

    OpenIV was developed by the community as "a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty city". So essentially, back in the day, Open IV allowed you to open GTA IV rpf files, hence its name. Later it was updated for GTA V and other titles.

    So OpenIV is the toolset to edit and manage all the GTA V mod files you will install and those you will modify. You won't be able to load any addons such as car mods without OpenIV. Open IV will also install the Asi Loader as an option.

    Installation: Installer with some options. Program is installed in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio. OpenIV.asi in root folder.

    Community Script Hook V .NET
    As per the author "This is an ASI plugin for Grand Theft Auto V, based on the C++ ScriptHook by Alexander Blade, which allows running scripts written in any .NET language in-game." This plugin and associated dll files allow the creation of script mods and user developed scripts. These files are not mandatory for all mods but are highly recommended as most if not all scripts (missions etc.) require them.

    Installation: manual, destination is root folder. Requires C++ ScriptHook by Alexander Blade, .NET Framework ≥ 4.8, and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

    Asi Loader
    When properly installed, the loader will appear in your root folder as dinput8.dll. This file loads all your asi plugins. You can't run mods without it. It is packaged, as referenced above by both Scripthook V and OpenIV.

    Installation: manual if in ScriptHook V package. As an installer option with OpenIV. Destination is root folder

    UI Mods
    NativeUI (no longer supported) and LemonUI are dll files allowing you to create GTA V like Menus. They are used along with all the Script Hook V .Net files.

    Installation: manual. Destination is user created scripts folder.



  • Dangerous Mods

    Now that I got your attention, hopefully there aren't any dangerous mods on this site, but there are definitely some mods you should avoid and some instructions which are just plain stupid - as are the modders who created them. More reasons to backup!

    Mods installed in games folder
    Older mods, particularly those circa 2016, often instruct the user to install in the games folder. That's because mods folders weren't as common then or the creators just didn't care. Always install in your mods folder. If you mistakenly don't and have an issue, a verify integrity should fix the problem.

    Mods which include dlclist.xml
    Some mods will package a plain vanilla dlclist.xml file, which might date back to 2016, with just their mod added and instructions to replace yours with theirs. This means overwriting any and all addons you've added since you started modding. Don't install a mod's dlclist.xml. Instead, edit your own file.

    Mods which include gameconfig.xml
    Similar to mods which contain dlclist.xml, this one is even worse - mods which have their own version of gameconfig.xml, some dating back once more to 2016. This is likely a recipe for an instant game crash - particularly and ironically if your game is properly updated because you can't use an old gameconfig with a new updated game. Never install an old gameconfig.xml. Worst case reinstall a current one from this site.

    Beware - the OIV Automatic Installers
    The OIV method of installing is wonderful for anyone new and/or lazy. It does everything for you and will not make any installation mistakes if properly written and tested. Unfortunately, you don't know what the mod is doing. Some of them will overwrite files you have already modified. Others will replace your gameconfig.xml and/or your dlclist.xml as described above.

    So don't use automatic installers unless you know for sure they are safe. An OIV is essentially an archive, so you can unzip them. Inside you will find a file called assembly.xml which will tell you exactly what goes where. You will also see a content folder that includes all the files that will be installed. If you want you can install the mod manually yourself by considering the assembly.xml file as your instructions.

    If you don't feel comfortable doing a manual install, at least look at the content folder and if you see gameconfig and dlclist in there, backup your own files and then restore them (overwrite the mod ones) after the installation. Same logic applies for any other files where you want to keep your own versions but you see the mod might overwrite them by looking at the contents folder or assembly.xml.

    Visual Mods/ENBs
    These mods are very complex, installing and replacing dozens of existing game files or even files you have modified. As a result they are often problematic and are very difficult to uninstall. If you're the type of person who prefers the unnatural looking visuals, at least backup your files before installing these.

    Malicious Mods. Exercise caution if a mod is only available as an executable, for example those that end in in .exe or .bat, like setup.exe. There have been a few cases of mods containing viruses. One with the legitimate version of QuantV and one with a spoofed SHVDN, both in 2022. To protect yourself only download from official sites, backup your files, and use an anti-virus software (although these are not foolproof). OIVs can also contain harmful code but they can easily be opened and inspected. Finally even .dll files can contain harmful code.


  • Path Locations for Open IV or Where's my stuff?

    Some additional information specific to Open IV.

    Note: if you're using some Addon to install mods, your path could be different. Follow the instructions of the mod creator. In the examples below the installation folder is also called the root folder, it's where you will find GTA5.exe and other game files.

    Where are my car addons? root folder\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

    Where are my ped addons? root folder\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf

    Where is my gameconfig.xml file? root folder\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

    Where is my dlclist.xml file? same as your gameconfig.xml root folder\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

    Note: there is also a file (rpf archive) called update2.rpf - it should not be confused with update.rpf.

    Suggestion. If you are just starting out, don't use the Addon Peds mod because there is a much better, easier, and more flexible way of adding peds. Refer to this post.


    If you use the method and template from that post you will simply edit the file called peds.meta with Open IV.
    root folder\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\

    Addon Props however, is a good addon if you are creating your own props. In Open IV:
    root folder\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonprops\dlc.rpf\props.rpf\

    WARNING: Make sure, when using Open IV, or if placing mods in your folder using Windows Explorer, that you are in the mods folder and not the game folder. Both contain files with exactly the same names such as dlclist.xml, gameconfig.xml, and both have Update folders.

    Another common mistake is a misplaced update.rpf file. Make sure it looks like this:
    root folder\mods\update\update.rpf

    And ensure X64 for the mods folder is also properly placed, this is another very common mistake novices make.
    root folder\mods\update\x64


  • Online without Ban

    If you want to play online with a modded game, read this post. To prevent a ban, always use the mods folder, not the games folder, and don't install mods designed to cheat online.

    Can you run scripts online and get banned with Scripthook? According to Alexander Blade, the SH5 author: "Script Hook V is the library that allows to use GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. Note that it doesn't work in GTA Online, script hook disables custom scripts when player goes in multiplayer".
    Source: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v

    What about mods, not just scripts? According to the OpenIV developers: "With installed ASI loader and plugin, you will not be able to go into GTA Online. This will keep you from accidently [sic] banning and GTA Online will be protected from modifications." Source: https://openiv.com/?p=1082

    So what happens if do try to go online? You get an alert. That's all. But, if you are still completely Paranoid, or if you just want to play no mods vanilla, go into your root folder and rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak and run your game. See also Quick Way to Play Without Mods. Alternatively you could disable/rename ScriptHookV.dll. This will also disable all mods, except for certain asi mods which don't require it such as a heap limit adjuster, but the game will know if it is modded and will not allow you online.

    This is the alert message trying to go online with a modded game. (Hitting continue brings you back to SP Story Mode.)

    alt text



  • Surviving GTA5 Updates

    Or how to prepare for a GTA5 forced update.

    Playing with all your mods and scripts immediately after a GTA5 Update requires a ScripthookV update to match the new build version. This normally means we wait a few days for the new SH5. However you can still continue to play if you backup certain files and then restore them.

    You can read about this in much greater detail here:

    What you need to do for the next GTA update

    To get the quick and dirty summary, watch the video below. You can also checkout Recovering from a game update

  • Car Addon Mod Doesn't Spawn

    Some quick fixes for addon vehicles (not replaces). In summary, you need to place the vehicle (folder containing dlc.rpf) with your dlcpacks and you need to add one line with the exact same folder name in dlclist.xml. Here are more detailed instructions:

    1. Extract the downloaded car mod. 7-Zip is free software that will unpack (extract) just about anything including rar, zip, 7z, and even OIV packages.
    2. Particularly if you're a beginner, read the installation instructions that came with the mod, after extraction.
    3. From the extract, the folder you want is the one that contains a file called dlc.rpf. In rare instances, the folder will not have the correct name, for example it might be called File or Folder. Rename it based on the instructions that came with mod only if necessary.
    4. Place the Folder containing dlc.rpf here: root folder\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks where the root folder is your game folder, the one containing GTA5.exe. You can do this step from Windows Explorer or from Open IV
    5. Now with OpenIV, add a new line, following the instructions, into your dlclist.xml carefully, normally place it at the bottom just to be safe, but it can be placed elsewhere.
      5.1 You will find the dlclist.xml here: root folder\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data Just look for Mods folder in OpenIV. You need to be in Edit mode.
      5.2 Select Edit Mode from the OpenIV menu (top, go to the right).
      5.3 Then open dlclist.xml by right clicking it and choosing Edit from the context menu that appears.
      5.4. Add the line per instructions at the bottom, for example the instructions say <Item>dlcpacks:/harleyvr/</Item>
      Entry will look like this:
    6. Save dlclist.xml and close OpenIV
    7. Start GTAV and your favourite trainer
    8. Spawn the car mod using the spawn name provided in the instructions. N.B. Spawn name could be different from folder name.
      That's it for the majority of addon cars.

    Advanced Tip: what if the instructions don't give a spawn name and it won't spawn using the folder name? Go into OpenIV, find the mod, find the mod's .rpf file and drill down (keep clicking the left side panel) until you find vehicles.rpf. The file name inside will be your spawn name. In our example above, we would find a file called hvrod.yft. Drop the extension and use hvrod to spawn.

    How to install addon vehicle


  • How to Install GTA5 Mods - an excellent tutorial

    This is a thorough and accurate tutorial for anyone new. It covers just about everything you will need to get started and more.

  • Duplicate File and Folder Names

    A word of caution about ensuring you edit the right file. Did you know for example you might have 4 versions of dlclist.xml? That's right. There are 2 versions in the vanilla game. One is where you would expect it, in the folder update.rpf. But there is also a second one in components.rpf. Add the one from your Mods folder and you are at 3 and if you optionally copied components.rpf to your mods folder, you have the full 4.

    So, make sure you edit the right file: root folder\mods\update\update.rpf\ where root folder means the location for GTA5.exe. This location for dlclist.xml takes precedence and priority over the other 3.

    Other duplicates include the X64 folder. One is in your root folder, one is in your game Update folder, and another one is in your Mods Update folder. In reality there are many duplicate files and folders, not just the ones duplicated between Games and Mods.

    And finally if you are doing replaces to a car for example, the car might exist in more than one folder. For example, if the game was patched, changes could have been made to that car. Generally speaking you would only need to replace the car in the patch file with the highest number but there is the possibility you would need to replace in more than one location.

    Now similar issues also apply to mods. For example an addon vehicle might have the same folder name as another vehicle. It could also have the same spawn name. In both cases you will need to rename some files to allow both vehicles to be installed. Check the tutorial section of this forum for more info.



  • Recovering from a game update

    Every time Rockstar updates GTA5, almost exclusively for online play, there is a good possibility that there will be issues.

    Troubleshooting Guide
    1. Gameconfig mods (gameconfig.xml) might need to be updated. This is a common issue after a game update. Without an updated version of this mod your game may crash or hang at the loading screen, often without any error message.Check the mods section of this site to search for updates and remember you may need to experiment with different gameconfigs or have to manually change values to get your game working again. Worst case, if you have backups, you can revert back to the previous version of GTA5 that worked for you.
    2. Outdated mods. The older a mod, the more likely it is to break after a game update due to changes in the game engine and/or so called native functions. This applies primarily to mod scripts, missions, and tools. Addons such as peds and vehicles are rarely impacted but they can conflict with new DLC. You can check the comments on the Mod pages to see if others have similar problems and/or potential fixes.
    3. Update.rpf. If you haven't backed up this file, the one from your Mods Folder, now is the time to do it. After the update, depending on how you proceeded, it is possible your update.rpf, which contains important user files such as your dlclist.xml and your gameconfig.xml, got overwritten/replaced by the game version. In fact, you will very likely get a message from OpenIV telling you your update.rpf is outdated and even warning you all your changes will be erased if you proceed. You will need to restore those 2 files and any others you modified in update.rpf. Of course regardless, you may need to update to a new gameconfig as in point 1, to get your mods functioning once more.
    4. Installing in Game folder. If you made changes, such as replacing cars or textures or sounds etc. directly in your game folder, you could lose all those changes assuming those particular files are updated. However if you installed addons such as cars in the game dlcpacks folder instead of your mods dlcpacks, it is unlikely those will be impacted although they will no longer load until you add them back to dlclist.xml. Either way, it is strongly recommended to use a Mods folder rather than editing the games folder. Once more backup the changes you make.
    5. Other files. You don't need to worry about any mods you installed in your root folder, mods folder, or scripts folder. Game updates, similar to reinstalls and verify integrity, only affect game files and game folders.

  • Posting Image When Requesting Help

    This seems to confuse everyone new to these forums. To upload images, here are two excellent sites, no account required, no expiration:




    Make sure the image file extension is displayed in the url (in your link), for example .jpg.

    You might need to open the image in a new tab, as shown in this Firefox brower with image on Imgur screenshot.

    alt text

    Here is a short video showing you how to post an image or create a link.



  • Importance of Log Files

    In your game folder (root folder) where GTA5 is installed you will find log files that can help you determine what is going wrong with your modded game. The two most important files are:


    To make sure you can see the file extension .log for these files, see the screenshot below - you need to check the box that says File name extensions from the View menu at the top of Windows Explorer.

    These log files are plain text and can be opened with any text editor including notepad. Examine the files and search for words such as fail, failed, aborted, error, and warning.

    alt text

    Log files and error messages can help pinpoint issues and problem areas.

    Other resources that may help are the Rockstar Games Launcher error logs which are located, by default, at C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\Launcher.

    Specific mods and tools can also have their own log files to investigate.

    Finally for advanced PC users, there is the Windows Event Viewer. You can search for this app "Event Viewer" or view the logs (double click) at, by default, C:\Windows\System32\winevt\logs.

  • Asking for Help on the Forums

    Troubleshooting and fixing gaming or computer issues virtually (remotely) can be pretty tricky and frustrating, both for the user and the person trying to help. When you have a problem you want to post on these forums, the more information you provide the easier it will be to help you find a solution. It's also respectful if before posting you search for a solution to your issue by searching these forums or the web in general with Google or your fav search engine.

    A good place to start, before you actually post, is to read this How to Ask for Help and Support.

    Additional information that can be helpful:

    1. Vanilla versus Modded. Does your problem/issue persist if you play the game without any mods? We can call the unmodded game the vanilla version.
      To answer this question is very simple: temporarily rename the file dinput8.dll in your game folder to dinput8.bak or whatever you want. Once finished, rename it back. Why do we ask this? Because if your game runs properly without any mods, then we know and you know that it is not a mods issue. It is a PC issue or vanilla game issue, which points to different solutions to explore such as your hardware and Windows configuration including drivers - or a corrupt game status.

    2. Timing. Did the problem exist the first day you started modding or only after you installed certain mods/scripts? Or did it start immediately after a Rockstar Update?
      Providing this information will help understand if your installation itself was properly done or if something broke it down the line.

    3. Knowledge. Are you an experienced modder or did you just start? The answer can be helpful as well, it will help us as to what we suggest you try as a fix. If you've been doing this for 5 years we won't ask if you installed OpenIV properly.

    4. Specific Mods. If you have issues with specific mods, and there are thousands of mods, it is best to start by looking at the comments and instructions on the mods page itself. Often you will see that other users have the same issue, or you might find fixes, and you can tag the author for help. This doesn't apply to ScriptHookV or mods such as Menyoo or Simple Trainer because almost everyone here will have these installed and might be able to provide help (and the knowledge base will be more extensive). As the title implies, be specific by providing an example link for a problematic mod, even if many aren't working as expected.

    June 2020 Update: Added this topic on how to ask for help



  • Falling through the ground on Map

    Help. I've fallen and I can't get up.

    The December 2021 Contract Update broke many addon maps as many gamers reported falling right through the ground or floor of MLOs. It is unlikely that Rockstar did this intentionally but whatever they changed seemed to have impacted existing static colliders. Not all addon maps and MLOs were affected.

    Fix 1
    One simple solution, 100% effective, is to revert back to the previous version of the game. For those who want to keep the update there are a few solutions:

    Fix 2
    Change certain values in the content.xml file for each map or MLO. This file can be found at the highest level of the folder structure of the dlc.rpf package. There could be more than one per addon.
    alt text

    This isn't recommended for new users or those with limited PC skills. Read the thread here. Credit for solution to @YHWHDios and @wert12.
    Screenshot below is used as an example only to show tag to be edited. Refer to thread above for more details. Remember to change all the tags described above - don't forget the metadata tags.

    alt text

    Fix 3
    One user, @bucket_of_truth, also reported changing another tag section, found at the bottom of content.xml, to explicitly name the files to enable:


    alt text

    Fix 4
    Check the Mods section of this site for possible fixes and patches.

    Fix 5
    If the solutions above don't work, at least one user has claimed a fix by adding one extra line in Content.xml: <loadCompletely value="true" />. Try that additional line if all else fails, most users have not needed it.

    <overlay value="false" />
    <disabled value="true" />
    <persistent value="true" />
    <loadCompletely value="true" />

    Again: remember to change all the tags described above including the metadata tags.

    Fix 6
    Another possible fix worked for Dubai Map and might work for other maps as well. It was reported by @WGotch07, and the fix is to replace the map name with the folder name, when they are different. Note that all these changes, here and above, are done in content.xml.


    was changed to the folder name: <changeSetName>CCS_dubai_NG_STREAMING_MAP</changeSetName>

    alt text


  • Appendix 1 - Dangers of OpenIV and Update.rpf

    After a GTA 5 update, OpenIV will generally warn you that a new version of update.rpf is available and try to scare you into believing that your game will crash and burn in agony if you don't update. It will use an in your face message that looks like this and it will persist unless you comply.

    alt text

    If you accept the copy, you'll get a warning message like this one.

    alt text

    What OpenIV should say is this: WARNING: if you don't backup certain files in update.rpf (your mods folder version) they will be overwritten. This includes any file you customized, your dlclist.xml and your gameconfig.xml.

    As a result of your dlclist.xml being overwritten, none of your addons will load until you add them back to the xml file (the addons themselves aren't affected.)

    As a result of gameconfig.xml being overwritten, your game will likely crash because you generally need an updated mod version for stability.

    To get around this, you have options depending on whether you want to upgrade or stay reverted. Either way you should extract your customized files such as dlclist.xml from OpenIV and back them up.

    If you want to update, backup your custom files from your current mods folder update.rpf, allow OpenIV to update (or update manually), and then restore your custom files back with OpenIV.

    If you want to revert, just ignore the message. Or better still, use this solution from forum expert @Aurora11 :

    "If you want OpenIV to shut the hell up, you can take the version.txt from update\update.rpf\common\data and drop it in the same location of your modded update.rpf . Pretty annoying message though :slight_smile: but luckily easy to silence the imbecile :rofl:"



  • What you need to do for the next GTA update

    For more information on how to prepare for a GTA update, view this thread.

    How to Play Without Mods - How to not get Banned Online

    You can't get banned online with the mods downloaded from this site, but you might want to play without mods to troubleshoot problems. See this thread.



    Click here for Troubleshooting.

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