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gta 5 crashes alot.

  • I play gta 5 BUT sometimes it crashes, I was using it on window mode, and i saw that when it crashes the game is using 0% of the CPU

    any problem with mods? or anything ?

    i actually have vanillaworks mod, Some addons, GTA IV pack and done

  • @Max20452a From my experience any car mods tend to crash my game after 20 minuets of playing even with all of those mods like pack file limit adjuster and Game Config.

  • @M8T mine crashes like 5-30 mins of playing, But when i start the game the 3rd time it works normal without crashing

    any solution?

  • @Max20452a I've been experiencing that here and there and I just use IVPack and VELP. There's not really a definitive explanation for it yet but the most I can tell you is use Dilapidateds config, increase the memory values to 1500, and use packfile and what not and that should fix most of it.

  • @Ethical download links?

  • @Max20452a

    • Dilapidated's gameconfig (alternatively, this one by F7YO is usually good too)
      Install to here: ...Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\gameconfig.xml
    • HeapAdjuster
      Install 'HeapAdjuster.asi' & 'HeapAdjuster.ini' to main 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder (where 'GTA5.exe' is). Then, as per @Ethical's instructions increase the 'HEAP_SIZE = 750' value in 'HeapAdjuster.ini' (to 1500, or increase from 750 up slowly & see where your game is most stable etc. 750 may well help without having to be edited/every game is different etc).
    • Packfile Limit Adjuster
      Install 'PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi' & 'PackfileLimitAdjuster.ini' to main 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder (where 'GTA5.exe' is). This fixes 'ERR_FIL_PACK_1' errors, nothing else (according to mod authors instructions), but safe enough to install even if you don't get those errors (do it, it's fast becoming an essential mod (as are all of them mentioned here) & I've heard of it fixing other issues (crashes) despite what mod author says). Requires Visual C++ Redistributable 2017 x64 to be installed (if not already).
    • Weapon Limits Adjuster
      Install 'WeaponLimitsAdjuster.asi' & 'WeaponLimitsAdjuster.ini' to main 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder (where 'GTA5.exe' is).

    ASI Loader:
    For the three '.asi' mods, you need to have an ASI Loader installed (usually 'dinput8.dll'). You probably have it activated already, but just in case, make sure it is installed in OpenIV > 'Tools' tab > 'ASI Manager' > 'ASI Loader' > INSTALLED (Toggle button > Green = Installed :thumbsup:. Blue = not Installed)

    Don't just follow my instructions tho. Also take the time to read the Description tab & any pinned posts in the links above, & also any ReadMe etc included in the downloads. There is other info in them that may or may not apply specifically to your game/be worth knowing/best to be informed about what you install in your game etc. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th When you think of it, it was actually a big mistake for OpenIV to offer dinput8.dll as an option when they knew damn well it's not optional and it's already packaged with SHV. Also, SHV is updated periodically whereas OpenIV doesn't seem to be. Suppose dinput8.dll needs to be updated at some point, perhaps with Windows 11 or a R* update. If that happens the OpenIV, older version, might overwrite the SHV one. :(

  • @a63nt-5m1th it stills doesn't works....
    my game still crashing a lot

    pls help me or what can i do????

  • @Max20452a
    What kind of crashes are you getting? Any error messages?

    As I mentioned (in your euros thread I think), I was helping out someone with their vehicles & IVPack was the cause of most, if not all of their issues. I would call it a WIP, it had many mistakes in it & the person I was helping seemed to think it had been abandoned.

    Given that, IVPack would be the first thing I would test remove. You can keep the files/rpf's backed up, just test vanilla replacements instead of them. At least you would get an answer on whether it's causing your crashes or not. I know there is that one car you like IVPack for, maybe consider converting it into a single car add-on & ditching the rest of them etc.

    Unless you are getting some kind of in-game error message to guide you, you're pretty much shooting in the dark with random crashes. Best bet is to diagnostically rebuild your 'mods' folder one '.rpf' at a time (actually, you can do it quicker than that, just be methodical & ordered with it).

    'mods' folder diagnostic rebuild:

    • Rename your 'mods' folder to something else.
    • Create a new empty 'mods' folder next to it.
    • Move '.rpf' archives/folder structures over from your old 'mods' folder to the new one in a methodical order & test load the game after each addition, looking for when the crashes return.
    • If you move the files with drag & drop (rather than copy & paste), you won't need any more hard drive space & won't be easy confused about what files you have or haven't moved over (just don't delete anything while doing it & you can always keep a list of what you are doing while you are doing it to guide you as well)
    • If you use a 50/50 method, ie move half the files/folders in any one folder over at a time you can diagnose any one folder in less than 10 loads of the game.

    50/50 Proof of Concept (starting sample 100 files):

    No. of Loads of Game        No. of Files in folder     
             0                       100
             1                       50
             2                       25
             3                       12.5 (lets call it 12)
             4                       6
             5                       3
             6                       1.5
             7                       <1 (i.e below 1, folder/archive identified)
    • Once the game starts crashing again you know most likely the issue (or one of them at least) is in the last group of files/folders you just moved. Move half of them back & reload the game again & see if the crash is still there etc
    • Continue like that until you find the problem '.rpf's & then use a similar process inside the archive to identify the file causing your issue.
    • Or alternatively, replace the archive with a vanilla one & then move files/folder structures over from the old broken one in batches to discover the cause of the issue.
    • It doesn't have to be as painful/boring as you might imagine. Have some fun with it, you're game will be in a different state each time you move files. Maybe some weapons are missing, or you don't have your favourite vehicle to fend off the cops like normal etc. Often, forced changes like that to your normal gameplay style can give you ideas. Make you think outside the box etc
    • Quite often with GTA V, you'll find the cause of & fix other issues that were bugging you along the way too :thumbsup:

    If you're not confident at all about doing it, make a backup of your entire 'mods' folder before you start & then you have nothing to lose. You can get a 500GB 2.5" laptop hard drive for as little as £20 (here in UK) & a usb cable & enclosure for ~£5, if you don't have internal hard drive space to spare.

    The beauty of using GTA V with a 'mods' folder is it's modular nature, anything not in the 'mods' will just be loaded from the vanilla game folder instead. So for the most part, the game will always load, you then just selectively choose what to load from the 'mods' folder & use that to figure out what is wrong. Unless you gain more info to go on, or you get very lucky & find someone that has a similar setup & issue, you are the only one that can solve this.
    Random crashes are difficult enough to solve when you have the game in front of you, they become nearly impossible & at the least very time consuming (I'm talking weeks, maybe months) to fix from afar. There's just so little information to go on, it ends up being no more than testing random guesses.

    To give me the information I would need to diagnose your issue, you would need to do a diagnostic 'mods' folder rebuild anyway. It's really the only way to force the game to give you the information you need to solve it. Backup your 'mods' folder & have a go at it. Start simple, remove/rename your 'scripts' folder & test load the game, try a vanilla 'dlclist.xml' to test if it's your add-ons in 'dlcpacks', move your 'update.rpf' out of your 'mods' folder & replace with a vanilla version of the file, if the crashes go away using a vanilla 'update.rpf' then it's likely either:

    • Replace traffic (ie replace cars in 'popgroups.ymt')
    • Something in 'update.rpf' itself
    • or something in your 'dlcpacks' folder
    • Add your modded 'dlclist.xml' into the vanilla 'update.rpf' to either, confirm or rule out something in 'dlcpacks' folder etc
    • Continue like that with various files, keeping a '.txt' file of what you are doing, so you don't forget/get confused etc & see what you can figure out :thumbsup:

  • @Max20452a
    Eventually, you're probably going to have to do that^, but in the meantime, give us a full & thorough list of all the mods/scripts you have installed. Link to them as well if you can. :thumbsup:
    You don't have to list all the add-on or replace vehicles you have installed, just list mods like car packs (IVPack etc), clothing mods, scripts (including stuff like 'Open all interiors' etc) & such. Thanks

  • @a63nt-5m1th im not getting any error message..... it just crashes every 5-10 mins playing

    I guess i found a solution i'll see if this works

  • @Max20452a
    Try it out & see, let us know :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th not working :(

  • @Max20452a Beware of idiots who make clickbait 100% fix videos on YT, whether it is a cure for cancer or a quick fix for a GTA freeze.
    The truth is that what is causing your issue might be due to 100 different things.

    I strongly suggest you follow the instructions given by @a63nt-5m1th. There is no quick fix.

    You need to ensure first that your game runs perfectly without any mods installed - this means no scripts, no addons, no OpenIV, no scripthook....nothing at all.
    Once you've confirmed the game is ok WITHOUT mods, then follow the instructions given by @a63nt-5m1th to identify which mods or combinations of mods are causing the problem. One step at a time. This is not rocket science, you just need to be methodical and patient.

  • Alright, I saw that my GTA 5 was running nice without having a lot of windows open in my browser
    and i saw that if i put the framescale mode in 3 my game runs at 40 fps and doesnt crash

  • @Max20452a
    What gpu do you have? From what I remember (unnamed 1GB VRAM GPU?) you should not be using in-game Frame Scaling setting. One, it's complete trash. Two, it tanks performance (unless set below 1, ie 1/2 (x0.500) etc) & if going lower than one, you'd be better off lowering resolution or other in-game settings anyway. :thumbsup:

    To find out what GPU you have:

    • Right-click anywhere on your Desktop > select 'Display settings' > Scroll down & find 'Advanced display settings' & select it > in 'Display Information section > it will say: 'Display 1: Connected to [GPU name here]. ( @JohnFromGWN :thumbsup:)

    If you're happy with it, fine :thumbsup:. I don't know if you are using it to set a lower than native resolution or higher than native, so can't judge until I know that anyway. 3(?) sounds like higher than native tho (unless you mean 1/3?), try your game without it on & see what you get tho :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th a intel HD

  • @Max20452a So that's integrated graphics. Is this a laptop?

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