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Tuner DLC cars won't spawn

  • I use the simple trainer and menyoo (latest version) but whenever I spawn the cars from the new DLC its give me the message that the object cant be loaded. Does someone know how to fix this?

  • the only answer i know would be to update your game, but im assuming you already have so... i dont know what the issue is. cant help you sorry

  • @drlq99 Forgot to mention that but yeah its the latest update of the game

  • @bassmake
    Can you confirm whether the tuner dlc is actually being loaded or not? Do any other vehicles in it spawn? Can you access any part of it in-game in Singleplayer to confirm it is being loaded etc? (haven't really looked at it, I disable new dlc's as soon as they are installed, don't want or need them. Ok...:rolling_eyes:, I steal & create new engine sound dlc's from them, but apart from that, I don't want them :unamused: )

    Do you have access to it's added features online (car meet, liveries, new races etc)? If so, make a backup of your 'mods' folder 'dlclist.xml' & then replace it with the vanilla one temporarily & see if cars spawn then? If so, error likely in 'dlclist.xml', check your 'mods' folder 'dlclist.xml' for issues using this guide here.

    If the dlc is confirmed to be loaded & functioning correctly, you're likely looking at some sort of error/mistake in the vehicle files or at least the vehicle setup of the dlc (funky 'vehicles.rpf'/'content.xml'/'vehicles.meta' etc. ie something specific to the vehicle part of the dlc etc). Installed any mods that might have edited any of the files in the Tuners DLC or edited them yourself?

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