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Problem with OpenIV

  • Re: OPENIV Problems
    I just uninstalled and then re-installed my game. OpenIV was working fine up until today. When i have the files in my gta folder, my game does not want to load me in the game. But when i take the files out its start my game right up. Is there anyway i can get OpenIV to work again for my game?

  • @DOLCEFesh


    • Ok, lets start with what files exactly? Are you talking about installed mods or OpenIV plugins? (OpenIV > 'Tools' tab > 'ASI Manager' > 'ASI Loader' & 'OpenIV.ASI' > Install (green)/Uninstalled (blue))

    @DOLCEFesh said in Problem with OpenIV:

    my game does not want to load me in the game

    Is there any error message displayed when ^that happens?

    • Other than the issue loading the game, does OpenIV function correctly? Load up, allow you to edit files etc?

    • Are you using a 'mods' folder?

    • Are you using a 'scripts' folder? If so, what scripts do you have installed?

    • Do you have any Scripthook/ScriptHookVDotNet/2/3 in the main Grand Theft Auto V root folder?

    • Any other '.asi' mods installed in the main Grand Theft Auto V root folder?

    • Do you have more than one copy of the game installed?

    • When exactly did it start happening? Was it as soon as you reinstalled the game or earlier or later than that etc?

    If you search your Grand Theft Auto V folder for '.log', collect all the log files & upload them (in a '.zip/.rar' etc) to somewhere like mediafire, I'll take a look at them.

    Any other info you can supply would be good, don't spare the keyboard, you can use screenshots to show what you mean if you need to:

    Screenshot Instructions:

    • Take screenshot
    • Upload to picture site of choice
    • Copy picture link location (right-click pic > copy link location (or something similar to that etc))
    • Back here, either post the direct link/s as is (or use this format ![picture_name_here](image url) & paste picture link over just the 'image url' part to display the picture inline/within your post)

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