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How to change street light brightness.

  • How do I do this?

    Edit: to be exact the problem I’m having is when I install Natural Vision Remastered with the Liberty City map the lights become over bright like massive circles?

    I installed remove all coronas but it didn’t do anything. Anyway I’ll keep trying to find out what the problem is.

  • @MVP
    You probably want to look at 'lodlights.rpf' if it happens when the lights are at a distance, but if closer, my original post below might offer you some insight:

    Original Post (may or may not apply):
    Depends what you mean exactly, the streetlight effect on the streets can be increased by increasing the '<light_artificial_ext_up/down' values in the timecycle files.

    If however, you mean the brightness of the light itself, ie the light fitting's emissive intensity, here is something to try:

    • You'll need an up-to-date version of CodeWalker (get it from that discord as one on gta5-mods is out of date)
    • Open CodeWalker > 'Tools...' > 'RPF Explorer' > & search for 'v_traffic_lights.rpf'

    You want to open the one here:

    • Navigate to that 'v_traffic_lights.rpf' location (right-click v_traffic_lights.rpf > 'Open File Location')
    • Open it & right-click a streetlight '.yft' ('prop_streetlight_01.yft' etc) & select 'Export XML...' & export to a windows location of your choice
    • Open the resultant 'prop_streetlight_01.yft.xml' etc with a text editor & search for 'emissive' & you should find something like this:
         <RenderBucket value="0" />
          <Item name="DiffuseSampler" type="Texture">
          <Item name="matMaterialColorScale" type="Vector" x="11" y="11" z="10" w="11" />
          <Item name="HardAlphaBlend" type="Vector" x="1" y="0" z="0" w="0" />
          <Item name="useTessellation" type="Vector" x="0" y="0" z="0" w="0" />
          <Item name="emissiveMultiplier" type="Vector" x="16" y="0" z="0" w="0" /> <!-- Increase the '16' value <there to brighten, lower to dim etc -->

    You then edit & increase the 'emissiveMultiplier' value to make the lights brighter/more emissive or lower the value to make them dimmer/less bright.

  • Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you.

  • @MVP

    Make a backup of your original 'v_traffic_lights.rpf' before editing anything obvs. :thumbsup:

    Also, to reinstall the edited 'prop_streetlight_01.yft.xml' etc, you do this in CW's 'RPF Explorer':

    • In the 'v_traffic_lights.rpf' archive, first make sure you are in '[:shield:Edit Mode]' (top rightish, left of search box) & accept any warnings it gives you ('only loadable with OpenIV installed from now on' etc, if that appears. Once confirmed, doesn't appear again in future etc)
    • Right-click anywhere within 'v_traffic_lights.rpf' > 'Import XML...' > navigate & select edited 'prop_streetlight_01.yft.xml'
    • Will take a few seconds to import (you'll see the UI in folder blip once complete)
    • That's your edited file installed, load game & check result etc :thumbsup:

    Any issues, check your work, syntax etc, & even just try the import again, even without editing file. Further issues, give me a shout :thumbsup:

    I've noticed occasional issues with imports if OpenIV is open at the same time as CodeWalker (especially if you happen to edit something in OpenIV while both are open etc). Safe enough to browse with OpenIV if Codewalker open, but don't edit anything, & close OpenIV before using CW import etc :thumbsup:

  • Thanks mate.

  • @MVP took me like an hour on google to finally find a thread on this. did you ever fix it?

  • @slizzle

    If you search the 'prop_streetlight_01.yft.xml' etc file exported from CodeWalker you will also find these values:

       <Position x="-0.0145309" y="-0.02076697" z="0.07790565" />
       <Colour r="255" g="94" b="0" /> <!-- changes cone of light colour & colour on ground also -->
       <Flashiness value="0" />
       <Intensity value="32" />
       <Flags value="1408" />
       <BoneId value="29567" />
       <GroupId value="0" />
       <TimeFlags value="15728703" />
       <Falloff value="18" />
       <FalloffExponent value="96" />
       <CullingPlaneNormal x="-0.8372506" y="0.4854814" z="-0.251633" />
       <CullingPlaneOffset value="18" />
       <Unknown45 value="0" />
       <Unknown46 value="0" />
       <VolumeIntensity value="1" />
       <VolumeSizeScale value="1" />
       <VolumeOuterColour r="255" g="255" b="255" />
       <LightHash value="121" />
       <VolumeOuterIntensity value="1" />
       <CoronaSize value="3" />
       <VolumeOuterExponent value="1" />
       <LightFadeDistance value="0" />
       <ShadowFadeDistance value="40" />
       <SpecularFadeDistance value="40" />
       <VolumetricFadeDistance value="0" />
       <ShadowNearClip value="0.01" />
       <CoronaIntensity value="0.1" />
       <CoronaZBias value="0.1" />
       <Direction x="-1.410179E-07" y="-0.258818" z="-0.9659261" />
       <Tangent x="0.7071076" y="0.6830121" z="-0.1830119" />
       <ConeInnerAngle value="10" /> 
       <ConeOuterAngle value="70" /> 
       <Extent x="1" y="1" z="1" />
       <ProjectedTextureHash />

    They are usually right at the very bottom of the file. They tend to affect the cone of light more than the light fitting itself, but depending on what your exact issue is, you can test playing around with the corona &/or intensity/other values & see what you get. :thumbsup:

    Thought I would put this here anyway, as it's streetlight related. For anyone else that might come along. All info in one thread etc

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