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GTA5 always crashes around the same spot without fail

  • First of all I only have a few mods..

    JulioNIB mods includes
    King Kong

    Car Addons I only have 6 and Vstance

    And then the biggest mod which I suspect is the culprit but really want to keep and I'm very confident I installed it correctly plus its really easy since its a .oiv file
    Liberty City V Remix East (V3)

    I have tried many different game configs all new and have tried to use lowest ped and vehicles config.. I have tried increasing heapadjuster.ini to 2000 even 6100 (wouldn't let me higher) and also tried just leaving at default 750.. I also increased clothingstore pool to 600 in case it was the peds for julionib mods.. none seems to work and it always crashes around the western part of Los Santos city but the most often is driving towards vespucci beach via big horizontal highway in the middle of the city getting close to entering the tunnel. It also does this when flying around that area.. it doesn't seem to crash ANYWHERE else.. not even anywhere in Liberty City.

  • @soypapi said in GTA5 always crashes around the same spot without fail:

    Liberty City V Remix East (V3)

    I'd probably start by test removing that^ & any other map mods you have installed.

    Generally, no-one is going to be able to very effectively help you with this. It could be just about anything causing it.

    Your only option is to remove the mods/scripts you have installed one by one & load the game inbetween each change & see if the issue resolves itself. If it's still happening in vanilla/no mods/no scripts installed move to verifying your vanilla game files with whatever process your version of the game requires (google will help there).

  • @a63nt-5m1th I uninstalled and it since hasn't crashed in that area.. but I'm hoping someone knows what could be the cause. I noticed it only started crashing like that after updating my modded copy to latest version too.

  • @soypapi

    • Are any error messages presented when the game crashes?
    • What sort of spec machine are you running GTA V on? High-end or just a laptop etc?

    Potential Simple(r) Solutions:

    • Have you tried running the LC mod's 'LCMapdisabler.dll' script & disabling the LC map until you are close to it etc (crashes could be a resource issue when both Los Santos & Liberty City active at same time etc), instuctions in the download on using 'LCMapdisabler.dll' script (I don't know how to use it, just what I gathered from reading posts online & reading some of the instructions).

    • Find a new download for the mod & download & install that instead.

    • Research info & see if others have same issue after updating their game too. If common issue, wait for mod authors to release a patch etc (if they plan to). I can't find info on your specific issue online, but some might appear in the coming months etc.

    • Research whether scripthook & other stuff like that you have installed is fully updated for the new game update. Remove any that are not/wait for them to be updated etc.

    • Also, maybe uninstall all your mods/scripts. Just temporarily rename 'mods' & 'scripts' folders probably easiest way > create new empty ones > & then install Libery City dlc/s only (nothing else) & see if issue persists? (if crash fixed, some sort of conflict likely exists between LC dlc's & some other mod you have installed > reinstall them one at a time until you find the conflict).

    Unless someone else has experienced the exact same issue as you (no-one I can find on google etc anyway), there will be no simple solutions to this that anyone else can offer you. Only you can fix it. The LC mod just has too many files to effectively diagnose from afar, at least not without a heap more info on the issue. The fact that you get a crash in Los Santos (& not Liberty City) just complicates the matter further.
    Basically, you are looking for a connection between something in the LC dlc & something in Los Santos/default game. Something that is used in both LC & LS. Maybe a prop, or texture, or anything really, it's impossible to tell given the information available.

    Potential Complicated Solution/Other Issues:

    '.oiv' Installer issues:
    '.oiv' installers are only as good as the person creating them. The 'LIBERTY V remix V1.01.oiv' for example (from the same people) has an issue in the 'assembly.xml' that damages 'update.rpf' & future '.oiv' installs.

    The '.oiv' at first appears to have installed correctly, no errors appear when installing it etc, but it still damages 'update.rpf'.

    When you installed it, did you have any issues with 'dlclist.xml', like having to manually edit the:


    lines at the bottom of the file back in? (ie they were missing from file after '.oiv' install). If so, that's the issue I described above, to fix it you'll need to use a backup of 'update.rpf' from before you installed the LIberty City dlc. No other way around it, after that happens 'update.rpf' remains somewhat broken forever (game still loads, just future '.oiv' installs don't work correctly, might be other issues too (I never investigated further)) & only recoverable from a backup from before the broken '.oiv' install.

    Manual LC Remix Install:
    Maybe try installing LC mod manually? (whether you had an issue with 'dlclist.xml' or not). You can either use 7zip to open '.oiv's (right_click '.oiv' > 7zip > 'Open archive') & access & manually install the files, or changing the .oiv file extension to .zip will allow you to do the same/extract the files like it's a standard '.zip' archive.
    Installing manually is generally just a process of using the files in the '.oiv's 'content' folder (& any subfolders if they exist) to replace the right ones in-game.
    'assembly.xml' will tell you where they are supposed to be installed.

    Diagnosing DLC archives:
    Once any '.oiv' issues are eliminated as a possible cause, & if you still have the issue, you'll need to move to manually rebuilding the Liberty City dlc/s one (or a few) files/folders at a time until you are able to pinpoint which one/s are causing the crashes. I won't sugar coat it, it's gonna be some work, reckon each Liberty City dlc will have ~4500 separate files in it. You don't have to check them one-by-one to start with tho, just go one folder srtructure at a time, (ie Example: test folder A etc > no crash > no problems in there > test folder B etc... If test folder A & you do get a crash > move into folder A in the dlc & remove a subfolder at a time until no crash > put that last subfolder removed back in > move into that subfolder > repeat until you get to the file/s causing the issue).

    Rebuilding a dlc one folder structure at a time could potentially create it's own crashes & issues for you to resolve as you go. Generally in GTA V, things are pretty modular & parts can be removed without much issue, but it all depends on how the files within the dlc work together & whether some require others to be installed to work etc.
    Liberty City Remix/Rewind are pretty big all encompasing map mods, just potentially more complicated than a standard map dlc etc




    wait, is that a thing in the latest elcreador LC uploads, haven't been paying attention much

  • @ReNNie
    Not sure about the latest one :thinking:, but I would expect so, it's certainly in the 'LIBERTY V remix V1.01' & 'LibertyCity V moved V3.0' downloads (you'll find it in the 'scripts' folder after installing either the 'LIBERTY V remix V1.01.oiv' or 'LibertyCity V moved V3.0.oiv'. Open menu in-game using F2 key. Also includes "autopilot mode to fly by plane between the airports like cutscenes" going by the instructions).

    I think it's on by default, if you can't see Liberty City from Los Santos & vice versa, then it's working I think (I'm no expert tho, just been messing around with different versions since yesterday) :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in GTA5 always crashes around the same spot without fail:



    • NO
    • CPU: i9 10900k GPU: rtx 3080 RAM: 32gb

    Potential Simple(r) Solutions:

    • YES

    • I've tried many different versions of LCMapdisabler and if u go to the website the mod is from u can see the publisher states he has detected and encountered the same crashing as well as another individual in the comments.. this issue may be new and or others may be using an older copy of the game which runs the map mod just fine as it did with mine until I updated it.

    • I tested the LC mod on a fresh new copy of the game with no other mods and experienced the same thing and my other modded copies without LC mod run fine same version and all. Also like i stated earlier vanilla gtav doesn't crash.

    • I used the latest version of scripthook to date and since it's a fresh copy was not mixed in with any other version.

    • I have confimed the issue is indeed LC map mod since I tried on a fresh vanilla copy I also tried different versions of LC Mod like V1 (southeast) and V3 (east).. both seem to have the same issue however per the publisher's request I tried replacing 'libertycitystartpoint.asi' and 'libertycity3' with the ones found in 'EXTRAS' folder and ran into the same issue except for apparently when using LC V1 with 'libertycitystartpoint.asi' and 'libertycity3' which are not compatible since it's meant for LC V3 and it will hide the wrong part of the map and leave a small part of Liberty City Visible from LS, strangely enough only then did I not encounter any crashes in the area It was previously crashing in.

    Someone else IS experiencing the same issue and one of them is the publisher of the mod himself who has confirmed this to be true. https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta5/mods/143510-liberty-city-v-remix-v-16/
    I'd also like to add that the publisher posted a link to an older version of D-E Map Scripts being under the impression that they were the culprit in the meanwhile as he looks into the issue, however I'm still experiencing crashes with that older version as well, which makes me think somethings with the newest version of gtav and the LC map mod aren't getting along.

  • @soypapi
    Good job on the diagnostic feedback by the way :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    It being identified by the mod author as an issue in the LC map/'LCMapdisabler.dll'/GTAV update is pretty much the best outcome you could have hoped for.

    "except for apparently when using LC V1 with 'libertycitystartpoint.asi' and 'libertycity3' which are not compatible since it's meant for LC V3 and it will hide the wrong part of the map and leave a small part of Liberty City Visible from LS, strangely enough only then did I not encounter any crashes in the area It was previously crashing in."

    sounds promising. Make sure the mod author knows that (if not done so already), as that may help him diagnose it & would suggest a complete fix is possible & it's just a matter of time until he provides you with one :thumbsup:

    You can't diagnose the 'LCMapdisabler.dll' script yourself, but the new GTA V update dlc/patchday's etc & the LC map mod are free to pick apart. Maybe try disabling one dlc at a time (new GTA V dlcs/patchdays etc & LC map mod) & see if the crash disappears when any of them are removed. If so, let the mod author know that too, so he has all the information at his disposal to approach the issue from multiple angles & know where to look etc. If you find anything, that's likely to speed up the route to a solution.

    Other than that, there's not much you can do but wait. It may not feel like it, but this is a best case scenario, most people with an issue like yours, just get left to float in limbo with no hope of a fix & often no reply from the mod author either.

    No guarantees, but I'd say it's likely a fix will be found sooner or later. Just a matter of time :thumbsup:.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Good catch and great advice. I haven't installed Liberty City, not even sure of all the different versions, rewind, remixed, moved. I can share what I did with Vice City however. When I unzipped the OIV i was really disappointed, but not surprised, that the creator would allow many files including dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml to be overwritten.

    This is what I did instead, will do the same when i do a manual install of Liberty City.

    1. Renamed my Mods folder.
    2. Created a new Mods folder just for Vice City
    3. Created X64 and Dlcpacks folder (both empty)
    4. Copied my update.rpf which obviously includes my dlclist and my current gameconfig to the new Mods folder.
    5. Created Vicecity subfolder of dlcpacks
    6. Copied x64a.rpf to new mods folder
    7. Installed all the files manually (don't do this is if you're feeling sleepy or ready to pass out). Actually, if you have done the first 6 steps and ensured yourself by looking at the assembly file that all changes are restricted to the paths above, then you can use the OIV although as @a63nt-5m1th wrote, it could be a bad OIV.
    8. Created a windows batch file allowing me to select old mods or vice city mods (by renaming).

    Great thing is i know my game is stable because it's the same gameconfig and also having the same dlclist.xml allows me to dump my addonpeds (ReNNie version) or any dlcpacks and they will get loaded.

    All that to say that OIVs are scary. When you think of it, it's not just OIVs. A script with bad or even malicious c# code will easily pass through any virus scanner and could do some nice damage to your PC.

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