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DLS problem

  • Hello, I download from this site Dynamic Lighting System. In this mod is Traffic Advisory folder. In this folder is default.xml. There are some many numbers. 1,0. I don´t know, how can I configure this DLS for my custom car added to game. Exist some video, or tutorial, how customize this lighting, if I want to work on my car? Or can you help me, how can I customize this .xml, and work on car? Thank you for help.

  • @pat000
    I don't use it, so know nothing for sure, but with that in mind:

    ahem... :rolling_eyes: > :eyeglasses: :book: > TA-HOWTO.txt in 'DOCUMENTATION' folder in download.

    Presumably the '1's mean light = ON, '0' = OFF. With that in mind, create whatever pattern you want & follow instructions in TA-HOWTO.txt to activate it for the vehicle you are using.

    So if you wanted 4 blips of the light on, then off for 4, it would look like this presumably:


    Once you set it up for your vehicle, make backups & mess with the numbers. Modding in a nutshell :thumbsup:

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