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eup menu not working

  • Hello, after installing the EUP mod, according to the tutorial, it does not start in the game, after activating "loadplugin eupmenu" in the lspdfr console under F4 it displays such a message.
    When I turn on f11, this console won't boot to screen 2. What is the problem, how do I fix it?

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  • 1:
    alt text

    alt text

  • @Galeraetka
    I've never used the EUP Menu, so not sure about that, but looks like you may possibly have an error in 'dlclist.xml'. Most likely in the 'patchday17ng' line, but possibly others too.
    Upload your 'dlclist.xml' to somewhere like Mediafire or some such & share the link to it here & I'll take a look at it, or check over your 'dlclist.xml' yourself using this tutorial :thumbsup:

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