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Menyoo - simply question

  • Hi, is there a way to move a whole scenario (more entities so) to player position? I want to avoid to move every ped and vehicle one at a time 😅

  • @fra700 I don't see how that would be possible because Menyoo assigns absolute coordinates to all entities.

  • @JohnFromGWN Do you mean that it could be possible to teleport more entities simultaneously to player position? If so, I don't find that option. I tried to select all entities, but I can only drag them or attach to player. I also tried to edit manually the coordinates of saved file in spooner folder, but no luck.

  • @fra700 you can absolutely change the coordinates manually in the xml file. In fact you could create a map from scratch if you wanted to, but it would take hundreds of times longer. One caveat/caution, but this applies only to scripting, is that the coordinates in menyoo are not equivalent to those of the game, close but not the same.

  • @JohnFromGWN Do you refer to this?



    And change these values with new ReferenceCoords?

  • @fra700
    The reference coords is the location of the player at spawn, this is where you hit the C key before saving the map as an xml file. So yes, those would be used to change the player's position. A simpler way is to move the player in game and then resave the map with exactly the same name.

    The coordinates for peds, objects, etc, look like this:


    Of course if you have 100s of objects you really don't want to do this manually.

  • @JohnFromGWN "Of course if you have 100s of objects you really don't want to do this manually."

    Eheh.... I'd have liked to avoid just that xD Thank you for the answer.

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