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Crashing around the car park area during Eye In The Sky.

  • Has anyone else had a problem like this where after you get access to the thermal vision until you get into Chad's Z-Type the game will crash?

    I'm only using IVPack with VELP and no replace models and the game doesn't crash around the car park in Franklin's first assassination mission.

  • I just removed IVPack and somehow it still crashes, It seems to have narrowed down to the scene where Trevor says "This better be the guy." after finding Chad's Z-Type through the thermal vision.

    I haven't had this problem before.

  • After countless hours of testing everything that it could possibly be while noticing that running a vanilla mods folder works fine but any edit to the update.rpf within said folder causes it to crash.

  • The cause of this crash is editing the drivers for the Taxi within the vehicles.meta.

    I don't know how the Taxi causes it to crash as I don't think there's any scripted Taxi in the mission but it's GTA V and nothing makes sense.

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