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MENYOO spooner animation Showcase - GALAXY SpacePort

  • It started out as an addition of my 2 previous GALAXY maps, this time I wanted to create a SpacePort. Over the last several months it turned into something much bigger.
    The SpacePort got animated, ships flying, chasing , patrolling, shooting etc. Then came the idea to make a ride around the SpacePort. This turned into some serious trial and lots of errors. A couple months later, I have not only a train running around the SpacePort but you can ride in it or on it. This was ride 18 when I had planned for 3 rides, but it was just too much fun to imagine things and see if I could do it.

    Every thing is done in a vanilla GTA V version and you just need MENYOO - the newest version works best.

    All rides, animations and effects are accessible via menu and can be changed easily. After putting in a lot of work I wanted to make it possible for the normal user to experience how easy an animation can be and what happens if you change different parameters.

    GALAXY SpacePort will be released in October 2021. For everybody who is interested, I am starting to upload videos to the tube.
    As a fun diversion I experimented with some light and stage designs after I heared about ABBA Voiage and saw their ABBAtars.

    I link to one video, you find more under the same chanel

  • Still in development, the project is gotten so big that I had to create modules. If you do not care for adult stuff, you do not load it. If you do not need the pier or aliens doing shanannigans of other animatronics, you do not load them.
    I looked what others did to CYBERPUNK GTA V and below is my take on the Pier as you neve seen it before.

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