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ShadowMenu (Trainer Mod Single-Player) [WIP]

  • What is it?
    ShadowMenu is a Trainer Mod like Menyoo and Native Trainer.

    ShadowMenu is currently W.I.P. Any ideas for things to add would be deeply appreciated.
    If you find any bugs, please tell me.

    Mod Page

  • @Shadowility Why do we need another trainer? The only thing i found lacking in the 4 major ones is the ability to personalize. Thats why i created one in LemonUI which is based on my favorite peds, cars, and locations with some tasks and personal music. But the only person who would really appreciate it is me because tastes are so diverse. Im fine with Menyoo and my own LemonUI menu and would only consider switching if the alternative was highly customizable. One of the things i hate about current trainers is that i use only 5% of what they offer, the interfaces either suck as in the case of simple trainer, or they are inconsistent in the case of menyoo when you compare getting to ped options for the player vs a ped. And ofc needing 10 mouse clicks when 1 or 2 would be ideal.

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