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How can I use menyoo to make an NPC do the same animation as in the picture?

  • I can’t find this animation holding a sign in protest in any animation list,please help

  • @apqmods You're going to have to search, try sign to start, but as far I can tell, there is no animation for that pic.
    I think the mod creator just put up a sprite on the screen and then had the ped positioned so it looks like he's holding the sign. There is where pic came from.

    There is Griff, the racist guy holding a sign.


    The racist, Griff, is doing a scenario called Hold Sign. You can see it from his options if you select him with the spooner.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I did not find a scenario named Hold Sign in menyoo, nor did I see any scenario being executed after selecting Griff. Anyway, thank you for your answer.

  • @apqmods Look again, slowly, under the scenario menu, not the animations. They are not in alphabetical order. Selecting or spawning Griff will never trigger a scenario or animation. You spawn your model then you apply the animation from Menyoo. I was using Griff as an example.

    Now again, this is a scenario, if you want the animation you will still have to get a sign and position it (attach it) to the ped.
    The animation is

    If you want your own sign, you will need to create your sign and swap it. The one used by Griff is called prop_cs_protest_sign_01
    How did I find this? I knocked out Griff and hit F9 and pointed at his sign.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    ok, i get it now, thanks again

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