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replace a car from the core

  • hello guys.

    I wanted to replace personal character car, but none of the mods works properly. Everytime i go to a mission. the game swap the saved car with a mod to the original car.

    so i was thinking what if i could replace the car from the root of the game. for example i wanted to change michael car with thrax. i know its a long shot cuz tailgater is sedan 4 door and thrax is sport 2 doors. but i tried to change it with OPENIV i extract thrax folder and rename it to tailgater. it worked just fine. but the problem is the sound of the engine and the built was a little akward. michael hands on the steering wheel where a little bit off. and i couldnt do anything in los santos customs apart from changing the color. so anyone know how can i replace the car entirely with its files (sound, customs, mechanics) etc..... i was trying to find the tailgater other files but i didnt know which one to replace with thrax.


  • it's not really ideal to replace the characters' personal car. even worse when replacing a 4 door with a 2 door

  • @Real-Xbat
    Just wondering, have you tried Replace Player Vehicle Script 2.0 (LemonUI Update) (last updated August 26, 2021, so far newer than alternatives from 2015/2016 etc)

  • @a63nt-5m1th it works fine. its just when you are on a mission for example casing the jewelry store, it switch back to michael original car (tailgater)

  • @Real-Xbat
    Shame. Thought it might be worth a try given it was new. Afaik, no-one has ever been able to solve getting a custom player vehicle to work 100% for missions. I presume R* must use some scripts for the player vehicles or something & they just jump all over any user made script & cause weird things to happen.
    I'd say it's very unlikely we'll ever get a mod/script that can replace the character vehicles for missions. Maybe if they were created from the original in ZModeler as a replace, just with a different shell on top of them or something, that might work, but I'm not sure.

  • @a63nt-5m1th check my topic on requests and you will see what i mean.

  • @Real-Xbat
    No guarantees, but something that might work & allow you to change the PV in memory is Cheat Engine (100% free. Note: decline the additional software when installing tho). Can take a while to get the principles of using it down, but there's plenty yt vids/forums on how to use it dotted around the net.

    Very basically, you start Cheat Engine, then start the game & while the game is active & selected for monitoring in CE (HInt: :tv: button > select 'GTA5.exe') , you perform searches for values/names etc in memory. With multiple scans/searches inbetween changing things in-game, it's possible to narrow down results to one memory address. You then use CE to edit that memory address & force it to always be the value that you want.

    I really don't have much experience using it, & a lot depends on how the game uses memory, whether it always uses the same memory address to store info or whether that's randomised on each game start etc. Memory addresses usual change if a game '.exe' is updated also, but it might be something you want to look into etc :thumbsup:

    You can convert plain english game names etc to hex using OpenIV > 'Tools' tab > 'Hash Generator' > select 'Hex' dot select (bottom left-ish) > '[Generate]' (hex value then displayed in righthand box) if you need to search for stuff in hex format ('buffalo2' = '0x2BEC3CBE' etc)

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