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Relocating DLCPacks - Multiple Mod Installations

  • Through some experimentation I found something that could be useful for intermediate to advanced users. Definitely not for beginners. After installing a few very large addons like Liberty City Remix and Vice City without the game crashing, I realized I was pushing my luck. Did not want to have multiple installations of GTA5, better just having multiple mod folders, each with the minimum number of files, would be a good compromise.

    Since I wanted my 200+ cars and 200+ ped addons which each mod, I realized the duplication and the maintenance nightmare for mod updates. What if I could share common files.

    Well you can. I did this with my biggest shared folder, dlcpacks. I moved it out of the Mods folder and stuck it in the root folder. The only thing you need to do is change the path in dlclist.xml and this can easily be done by doing a search and replace. WARNING: backup if you decide to go this route. NOT for beginners.
    Also remember, you can use the same dlclist.xml even with subsets of your addons, if they are missing, at least peds and cars, they will just be ignored on load.

    Old syntax: <Item>dlcpacks:/myaddon/</Item>

    New syntax <Item>./dlcpacks/myaddon/</Item> Notice the dot to designate this folder is a subfolder of the root (installation) folder. And colon is gone as well.

    Again you can do a search and replace. My tags are identically syntaxed, except the platform ones, but you can do it in 2 or more passes if your slash/backslash aren't consistent. For example:
    Search term: dlcpacks:

    You can rename dlcpacks if you want but suggest you keep the same name. If you want to keep your game "platforms" the way they are, you can keep both the dlcpack in your mods folder with the game one, and a second dlcpack folder with addons in the root (or wherever you want).

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