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Game crashes after a while with graphics mods

  • Hey guys, I tried to search for fixes to this but couldn't find much, or the ones that I found didn't work for me.

    Everytime I try to install a graphics mod, it just crashes after playing for a while with no error message, I am installing everything properly, I tried 5 different times on fresh installations of GTA V and watching youtube tutorials on how to install certain mods.

    I wanted to play with Redux but it just crashes (although I just heard that supposedly Redux uses other creators mods without permission, not sure if that's true)
    I also tried VisualV that ended with the same result, I also tried some other graphics mods that I can't recall the name but they always end up crashing after playing for a while.

    Things that I've already tried:

    1. Changing gameconfig.xml
    2. installing heapadjuster
    3. installing PackfileLimitAdjuster

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