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Any advice to narrow down an errorless crash?

  • I'd like to have some more advice for me and others on how to fix such a problem even with only a few added dlcpacks.


  • @Ethical You probably don't want to hear this but the process is very simple and pretty much foolproof.
    You start with a system without any mods and see if it runs without crashing. Not just for 10 minutes for an hour or so.
    Then you start to add back mods, only one at at time. You test again. Rinse and Repeat.
    The first mod you install should be one that is relatively recent and relatively trouble free.
    You will know the recency from the release date on the mod page and you will get an idea of how stable it is from user comments.
    If that mod fails, try a different gameconfig. Don't start editing gameconfig, you're just creating more variables.

    These might help if you have the patience to go through them:

  • @JohnFromGWN I truly thank you, I haven't been able to track down these errorless crashes I've been getting after 1-2 hours with just VELP and a fixed IVpack.

    I've also edited the vehiclemodelsets and I've been slowly adding vehicles to the popgroups, would any of this perhaps cause such a crash to occur?

  • @Ethical Even the smallest change can result in a problem. Either you made an error or you created a conflict.

    That's why I'm suggesting you roll everything back. Start with a clean slate. Then make the first change and test it for stability.

    It's unfortunately the only you can resolve this type of issue. The only other things I can suggest is from my own experience. Try different gameconfigs and try each of the 2 heap adjusters - they are not created equal.

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