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how to make the gate or garage door open/close spawned from menyoo

  • i spawned a gate and a garage door from menyoo object spooner but it does no open or close when i come near to them or sometime they fallout of the map. i want it like to be how the garage door & gate open in franklin micheal and trevor houses

    does anyone know how to make it open and close when we come near them pls help me

  • @alpah-phantom Short answer, you can't without scripting. Menyoo does not animate props/objects.

  • @JohnFromGWN oh ok. do you or anyone knows how to make the script for the door and gate to move and where should we add the script in gta 5 scripts folder or if someone has made that script can you give the link

  • @JohnFromGWN is it difficult to make

  • @alpah-phantom Use CodeWalker to make a map mod. 100 times better than Menyoo. Placing doors and gates with it will make them work like the vanilla door or gate. You can customize how an auto opening gate responds to you by editing the doortuning.ymt and doortuning.meta if you wish. Get the most recent version of CodwWalker through it's discord.

  • @chonkie ive never used codewalker and coustmized the .ymt and .meta files never
    but i will try thankyou

    i have built go kart track, off road track, garage and a house for this i needed a working gate and a garage door. with menyoo

  • @alpah-phantom The learning curve for Codewalker is steep. It's like going from MS Paint to Photoshop CC. And to edit YMT you will need to understand the hashes and they are definitely not user friendly for a beginner.

    What's the exact name of your prop, the one you are using with Menyoo?

  • @alpah-phantom CodeWalker learning curve isn't that steep. Plus the discord channel is good at helping.

    You don't necessarily need to edit the doortuning stuff, it's only if you want to customize how the gate reacts, and the files are super easy to edit, no need to know hashes. The info you add to the meta will also be the exact same info you add to the ymt, and in my testing yes they are both needed to make it work.

    If you do want to customize a gate, you would need to copy the gate and rename it so your custome tune doesn't affect the vanilla gate. Then modify the doortuning files. Here are two pics of the info I added to the meta and ymt to customize a gate.

    This first one defines the behavior you want the gate to have. This info is in the upper part of the meta and ymt.


    This second pic is of info you add towards the bottom of the meta and ymt that links your renamed gate to the tune you inserted towards the top.


  • @JohnFromGWN i think i am using the micheal's house gate and the same garge door his house

    @chonkie so should i need code walker for the door/gate to work or if i customize the .meta and .ymt file the gate/door will work. where will the .meta and .ymt files located. and i should open with open iv right the meta and ymt files. should i customize it there only or in code walker

  • @alpah-phantom You use codewalker to place the gate/door, make complete map mods, and many other things. Placing doors with Menyoo has never worked properly. Codewalker also has an rpf explorer so you could also do the ymt and meta edits with it, I just used OpenIV to edit the doortuning meta and ymt though. Find the files by using the search function in either OpenIV or Codewalker.
    Don't worry much about the customizing of the garage door behavior yet.

    Fyi, using props to make a house is a bad way of doing it, should learn about making a MLO if you want to make interiors like a house. But that is indeed a very steep learning curve since it involves using 3ds Max and a lot of other steps.

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