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[Player/Script] Player AI?

  • i've looked around for years and have never found anything that would allow your character to be taken over using something like the ped or police AI for example, akin to something even like an autodrive type of mod where you set a waypoint and the character travels to it and would defend itself if under attack ect, the fact that i've never seen anything like this leads me to believe that for one reason or another its not possible even though it seems like it should be, does anyone know if anything like this exists even as a kneejerk or secondary function of another mod or possibly a basic explanation why its not possible just out of curiosity

  • @12d3 You're trying to make a player become an ordinary ped or NPC? Why? If you wanted that, you could just script any ped to do whatever you want. Once the player is taken over they become an ordinary ped. As the player you can choose third person or first person views - not sure i understand what you want to do.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    im just looking for it for the same reason every mod exists, for fun and experimentation, i truly dont see why the "why" would matter ive seen a car that was just a giant dudes head with wheels and a personal stripper that follows you around ect ect and never thought "why" lol

  • @12d3 Let me rephrase what I wrote a different way. Suppose I'm playing as Michael but I would rather Michael be taken over as a policeman. That's what you wanted to do right? Well if that's the case, I start as Michael, change him to a ped and then script him to do whatever I want. In other words, I don't see the difference between the player and the ped. What you want to do can be done with any trainer or through scripting, no?

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