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Some questions/help regarding car modding

  • Earlier, I managed to make the Comet Retro Standard by TGIJ work by changing every instance of comet4 to comet5.
    Just one issue though, when I took a look at the visual mods they're all over the place. This is what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/bXafmtN - Did I do anything wrong or something? I'm just curious.

    Just a side note: I'm not really an experienced modder, nor know what I'm really doing.

  • @sircrapsalot because comet5 belongs to comet sr, so it uses comet sr mod parts. change it to comet7 instead (comet6 is the newly released comet S2)

  • @sircrapsalot
    I presume you edited the files in the 'Comet_Retro_Standard' add-on dlc?
    If so, follow these instructions below:

    As always, make backups first before you edit anything :thumbsup:

    File Location:

    • Go to this location & check to see if there is a 'carvariations.meta' file there (there isn't normally, but there can be, & it overrides the one in 'dlcpacks' folder stucture if it exists):


    If there is no 'carvariations.meta' file in that^ location, go to this next folder structure & edit the 'carvariations.meta' there instead (if you edit that^ one, you don't have to edit this next one. In that case, just skip to the 'How To Edit' part just below):


    How To Edit 'mpchristmas2017' 'carvariations.meta':

    • Open the file & edit just the 'comet5' data section to be the same as the one in the 'carvariations.meta' in your 'Comet_Retro_Standard' add-on dlc.

    • The most important part is the '<kits>' section. Make sure it is in this format & the '888_comet5_modkit' etc part matches the comet5's '<kitName>' line in it's 'carcols.meta':





    • If you want the same car colours & headlight settings as the one in the 'Comet_Retro_Standard' add-on dlc, copy the entire section in the 'Comet_Retro_Standard' 'carvariations.meta' from here:
         <Item> <!-- <<<<< Copy from this line here... -->
              <indices content="char_array">

    to here:

          <lightSettings value="2" />
          <sirenSettings value="0" />
        </Item> <!-- <<<<< ...to this line here -->
    • & paste it over the same 'comet5' section in the 'update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpchristmas2017' 'carvariations.meta'

    • Test in-game & see if upgrades now function correctly. :thumbsup:

    If you do all that & it still doesn't work, then after backing up your one, try this 'dlc.rpf' & overwrite yours in your 'dlcpacks\Comet_Retro_Standard' folder.

    Note: Whichever 'dlc.rpf' you use, you still need to edit carvariations as outlined above.

    Good luck, any questions/issues give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • Oh yeah, I just figured that out earlier, thanks for telling me! I'll try renaming it to something else

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