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Solution for personal vehicle mod

  • Hello guys. I looked around the globe for the best personal vehicle mod bjt i couldnt find a good one. These mods doesnt 100% replace your PV but instead it teleport your original PV below the map and it spawn the new one instead. This effect makes it impossible to get your PV during missions like scouting the port and casing the jewelry store heist. But i found a video

    here shows pongo1231 chaos mod effect where it replace the PV without bugging the game. I believe this chaos mod effect replace the PV from the core of the game. So the game wont have an issue like failing the game or the game crashes. If someone could people make this mod so anyone can replace PV with any car of their choosing that would be an amazing mod.
    Thank you guys for this amazing community.

    Youtube video (Darkviperau)
    Chaos mod (pongo1231)

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