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Ped addon help

  • could anyone please help me ive have followed all the steps and i press L but only the first top one works and i try to open the the menu again and nothing happens what i am doing wrong ? is there anything els i need to do ?

  • @david199327 Apparently there are many issues with that outdated mod. Spawn your ped using your trainer, that's your best bet.
    Or if your tired of outdated mods, try this

  • okay thanks you very much so i can change them using simple trainer as well ?

  • @david199327 Yes, with any trainer. Just enter the name as your model input.

  • @david199327 Keep the addon ped mod, although it is outdated, but don't use the Ped Selector with the L key, use your trainer.
    I downloaded the mod to look at the instructions. Make sure you follow them exactly.

    1. Adding Peds
      Before we start, keep in mind that GTA V has two types of peds, the normal and streamed peds.

      Normal peds: in the format modelname.ydd, modelname.ytd, modelname.yft, modelname.ymt.
      Streamed peds: contain folders, in the format: modelname(folder), modelname.yft, modelname.ymt

    Aware of the ped differences, let's start! Follow the steps to add your addon-peds to the game.

    Have an addon-ped model.
    Using OpenIV, turn "**Edit Mode ON**".
    Import ped files to: (YOUR GTA V Mods Folder)\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf
    Run **AddonPeds Editor.exe as administrator**, go to tab "Peds -> New Ped"
    Fill the form values (Ped Model Name, Ped Type, Is Streamed) and click "Add Ped" button.
    After that, click "**REBUILD**" button. Done!

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