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Wanting to learn how to convert sims cc to fivem clothes

  • There are quite a large number of designers who convert sims cc clothing to fivem compatible models, but there is no real tutorial on how exactly to do this (at least not one that I could find). I was wondering if anyone knew of one that I'm just missing or if there are any designers out there that are willing to teach this skill. I know it's a business and people make money off this kind of content and likely don't want to share their know how, but I also wouldn't expect to learn this for free and would be open to discussing some sort of mutually beneficial agreement. Please let me know if anyone can help. Also I do know there is a tutorial for sims cc to fivem for hair, but I tried that for clothes and got stuck part of the way through so I would want something more tailored to clothing itself and ideally someone who I can ask questions when I get stuck so I can learn it well.


    @lemonpepz if people cba to freely share knowledge on something, then fuck it. FiveM is a true cancer to modding and seems to corrupt the brain.

  • Hit me up on discord Катет#5705 I convert fivem/singleplayer stuff

  • @DjUnknown Please I'd love to learn how to convert from you as well, please accept my friend request on discord, I'm: Ƥяιηcєѕѕ 👑#0777 - I also would be interested in a mutually beneficial situation, let's chat and connect soon!

  • @Princess3156 Says you are not accepting friend requests)

  • @DjUnknown I also want to learn how to convert cc, I sent you a friend request on discord

  • Has anyone found out how to do it yet?

  • Hey I found the way to be able to do it only it's a paid course I would need one or two people who why would I help me later on my gta mods store, I would have to help me pay the sum it's 25 and I'm French thank you.

  • The documentation on GTA5 could be best defined as seriously lacking. Ive just started with Fivem and realized their community is pretty much useless when it comes to support on modding. If you have technical server installation or customization issues you can generally find an answer but for modding you're on your own.

    If you know how to customize clothes for SP, then do that and then convert your model with clothes to FiveM which couldn't be easier.

    While i haven't found any help or documentation on most Fivem mods, i have easily converted vehicles, and the 3 types of peds from SP to FIVEM complete with all drawables and textures.

    So maybe start with SP, if documented, then convert.

  • Easy as this. Only issue is i dont know how they get the skeleton file as they didnt link anything in the desc

  • I know this and I can teach it. you can add Polaris#2763

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