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Wanting to learn how to convert sims cc to fivem clothes

  • There are quite a large number of designers who convert sims cc clothing to fivem compatible models, but there is no real tutorial on how exactly to do this (at least not one that I could find). I was wondering if anyone knew of one that I'm just missing or if there are any designers out there that are willing to teach this skill. I know it's a business and people make money off this kind of content and likely don't want to share their know how, but I also wouldn't expect to learn this for free and would be open to discussing some sort of mutually beneficial agreement. Please let me know if anyone can help. Also I do know there is a tutorial for sims cc to fivem for hair, but I tried that for clothes and got stuck part of the way through so I would want something more tailored to clothing itself and ideally someone who I can ask questions when I get stuck so I can learn it well.


    @lemonpepz if people cba to freely share knowledge on something, then fuck it. FiveM is a true cancer to modding and seems to corrupt the brain.

  • Hit me up on discord Катет#5705 I convert fivem/singleplayer stuff

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