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Can't save my peds with simple trainer (should be used with not found)

  • Like in the headline I have a problem with SimpleTrainer. Every time I make a character I save it, but it ain't showen in the "load" part, it say "should be used with not found". My friend has simple trainer too, it works for him, I reinstalled EVERYTHING and my friend did it for me too.
    He doesn't know what's wrong, me neither, I don not have any other mods. We used google nothing found. Before someone asks: I have everything I need for SimpleTrainer, like my friend, but it doesn't work. Anything else is working with this Menu, but I just won't save my peds, and won't even save costume Franklin etc.Older versions of SimpleTrainer do not work either. If someone had this problem, I would appreciate your help.

  • @Maschi_
    I don't know the issue with simple traner but you could use scene director to save peds. or use menyoo's Object spooner and save your peds that way.

  • @Maschi_ it sounds possibly like a windows permission issue, that it is not allowing the file to be saved. Are you using a mods folder and do you have an admin account?

  • @truffleshuffle Yes I have admin. And no I'm not ussing a mods folder, if I make a mods folder my SimpleTrainer won't even open.

  • @Maschi_ Not sure what is causing your problem but creating a mods folder will not have any impact on Simple Trainer - unless you moved it to the mods folder which is definitely wrong.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yea, like I said, it doesn't even work when I create a mods folder etc.
    But what about this windows permission issue, what could I do for that ?

  • @Maschi_ When you created a mods folder, did you move simple trainer there? If you did, it will obviously stop working. That's not what I was suggesting.

    You will need a mods folder if you decide to add mods safely and properly one day. If not, disregard this suggestion.

    As for windows permission. I uninstalled Simple Trainer, so not sure where it stores data - you will need to identify where it stores the outfits. Menyoo for example has a folder called outfit.

    Once you have found the file or folder, right click it and look at properties, then the security tab. You need to ensure that writing is allowed, not just reading. If you indeed have an admin account then this shouldn't be necessary but check anyway.

    One final note, when you wrote reinstalled EVERYTHING. What exactly did you mean? There are 2 files with Simple Trainer and they are just dumped in your GTA5 folder. Are there other files you installed besides those required for Simple Trainer?

  • @JohnFromGWN It works! Thank you, mate. My account even said "admin" but just the box writting was disabled.
    Appreciate your help. :3

  • Re@Maschi_ great, thanks for reporting back

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