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Impossible to connect online with mod

  • Hello guys,
    I have a message when i want to connect to the online mode,
    This is tell me "i can't connect because i modify my files of gta v "

    I playing by steam GTAV , i have deleted dinput8.dll and its working..

    But can't use mod..
    Do you have an idea what i can do for conect to online mode with mod ?


  • Are you using openIV? if so all you have to do is when you want to go online Open up OPENIV go to the ASI manager tab and click the uninstall button and when you want to go back to playing with mods just on back into the ASI manager and click the Install buttons. It's that simple and you don't have to delete dinput8.dll or anything else. Also, the ASI tab is on the toolbar it's a square with a small checkmark and just click it.

  • @truffleshuffle Asi manager is the exact same file as the asi loader and dinput8.dll.
    So if the OP deleted dinput8.dll, and agree you can simply rename it or deactivate it, the game should have allowed him to go online. There is something else in play here.

  • @djoul91590 when you say you can't use mod, do you mean you can't use your mods online?

    Just to be clear, deleting dinput8.dll, the one in your game folder, will stop all mods from loading and will allow you to go online to play, however it will not allow you to play GTAO with mods.

    "Do you have an idea what i can do for conect to online mode with mod ?"

    Answer: no you can't without hacking and risking a ban.

  • Thanks guys,
    Yes i use openIV,
    Yes the mods working good on solo mode,
    But impossible to use it and connect with it to the online mode..

    I see too much players use mods online but me its not working. I dont know why.


  • You cannot play normal GTA Online with mods, the players you see playing with mods are using FIveM.

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