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I accidently deleted dlcpacks

  • I accidently deleted dlcpacks because I misclicked and now idk what to do

  • @Gta5modder1234 stop running applications immediately, check recycle bin. If contents were too big you would have gotten a warning sign so im assuming you didn't.

    If it's too late to undo delete or restore from recycle bin, try this but do it immediately, the more you write to your computer the more likely files will no longer be recoverable. If you have a huge empty hard drive that will definitely improve the odds.


    Worst case you will need to reinstall which is simple with addons. Remember that your dlclist.xml will not have to be updated and this delete will not impact replacements. The dlclist.xml will also tell you exactly what you installed. None of your scripts and missions and trainers will be impacted either.

    And ofc, for the future, backup all your customized files.

  • Thank you man

  • @Gta5modder1234 Please post if you were able to salvage it. Thanks.

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