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How to change handling of an add on car?

  • I installed the only Cadillac XLR mod I could find, I cant post a link but it's on gta5 mods if you search for it. It looks pretty nice and i like it but the handling is straight garbage. It's supposed to be a sports car but if you go faster than 50mph and try to turn it spins out and does a donut. It acts like the front end of the car weighs a million pounds, if that makes sense. Is there any way I could give it handling from the coquette or rapid gt or something that's already in the game? I would hate for this mod to be wasted because of the handling. I also have the replace files if I need those instead. Any ideas?

  • @357832 sure. in the XLR's vehicles.meta, under the handlingid line, replace the entry with "coquette" like this:


    right click to edit the meta file and remember to save after editing.

    After this step, the XLR's handling.meta will be redundant so you can just delete it. make sure to remove any handling.meta entries in the content.xml otherwise your game will crash

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