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pounder textures not changing

  • I'm using old spices life like vehicles pack and one of the files changes the pounder textures
    I replaced the files and then checked to see if they've changed and they did change while viewing the file in openIV but while in-game the textures are still ecola ads

    Any help is appreciated!

  • @zxregretzxz
    Use Ctrl+F3 search in OpenIV to make sure there are no other pounder '.ytd's in other 'mods' folder locations overriding the one you are editing. Also, did you replace the textures in both the 'pounder.ytd' & the 'pounder+hi.ytd'?

  • @a63nt-5m1th thx apparently world of variety had it's own pounder textures I deleted them and the mod textures worked

    I Am very grateful!

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