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Cannot use '.awc' audio file for Dubsta because it's non-DLC?

  • Greetings fellow modders,

    I've been trying to look for the Dubsta's .awc file for a few days now, and finally came across this topic: How to find the engine sound ('.awc') file for any vehicle

    Whilst this topic did thankfully help me find the file that the Dubsta uses which is for some reason not named 'dubsta.awc' but instead 'v_style_1.awc', I am still none-the-wiser as to how I can use the audio files I downloaded from this site on the Dubsta. The thing about some non-DLC vehicles such as the Dubsta, is that their '.awc' uses the following audio files:


    However when looking at the audio from other vehicles, including the audio file I've downloaded from this site, it has the following files, even including things such as pops, exhaust variations etc:


    If somebody could help or advise me on how to use these files for the Dubsta, I would be inexplicably grateful! I am trying to convert my entire game into a real-life replica and am trying to get it as accurate as possible.
    Please also note that I am unfortunately unable to ask the modder that published these audio files for instructions on this because they were intended to be used on the schafter3 which has such variations in audio.

    Thank you! :)

  • @LondonLime
    Make yourslf a cup of Tea for this one. :thumbsup:

    Background/General Info:

    Just so you know, the vast majority of engine sounds in the game are not named after any vehicle. Presumably, because so many vehicles share the same engine sounds there's no real point, better for Rockstar to name them generally like 'muscle_car_1.awc/4_cylinder_saloon_1.awc/v_style_1.awc' etc.

    So also be aware that often changing the engine sounds in any of those non-car named '.awc''s is likely to change the engine sounds for ~5>20 or so other vehicles at the same time, given multiple vehicles share the same audio files. Just something to be aware of.

    What '.awc' the dubsta uses & how to find it:

    The 'dubsta' actually uses 'suv_2_us_v8.awc', not 'v_style_1.awc'. That probably arose because the various 'Vehicle/VehicleEngine/VehicleEngineGranular' sections of the 'game.dat151.rel.xml' etc file are not always necessarily in the correct order & next to each other, they usually are, but not always. I clarified that in my second post in that thread (couldn't edit original as 365 days had passed, but was able to edit second post instead etc). Details of that are in the 'How the Three Sections are Linked:' section in this post.

    Basically though, the safest way to find the correct '.awc' used is to:

    • Search the 'game.dat' file for the name of the vehicle
    • Scroll down a few lines & copy the hex hash in it's '<EngineGranular>' line

    'hash_91BF1238' in the case of the 'dubsta'

    • Search the 'game.dat' file for that hex hash
    • You'll usually find 2 of them, the one you just copied & another in the '<Name>' line of a 'VehicleEngineGranular' section somewhere in the file (as mentioned, they're not always next to each other, especially where different versions of the same vehicle are concerned (dubsta1/2/3 etc)).
    • In that 'VehicleEngineGranular' section, scroll down a few lines & copy the hex hash in the '<EngineAccel>' line

    'hash_67DADCB0' in the case of the 'dubsta'

    • Now open the 'sounds.dat' file & search it for that hex hash looking for it in the '<Name>' line of a '<Item type="GranularSound">' section
    • Then 8 or so lines below that, in the '<ContainerName>' line, you will find the name of the '.awc'
    • 'suv_2_us_v8' in this case

    Potential Solutions:

    Ultimate Solution (all vehicles/engine sounds):
    As you've probably figured already, it can can get quite complicated trying to separate out one vehicle's engine sound from the other vehicles that use the same non-car named audio files.

    Ultimately, the best way to do it, especially as you intend to edit the sounds of a lot of in-game vehicles, would be to get very comfortable editing the game's '.rel' files & either edit them in place or create your own add-on engine sounds pack, both of which should allow you to isolate individual vehicles & have certain ones only use their own set of audio files. Creating your own add-on engine sounds dlc, initially at least, is not for the faint of heart, there will be a lot of reading involved (as you can see in this tutorial on it here) until you get comfortable with the process & it becomes second nature. Don't let the sprawling mass of that tut put you off tho, the actual process is not that complex, just a lot of info to process at the start of it (you want to set a day aside to do it, if doing it in one go etc). In the fullness of time though, learning how the '.rel' files work & how to edit them accordingly, will offer you almost complete control over the game's engine sounds.

    Simplest Solution (just for the 'dubsta'):
    Alternatively, the simplest solution, at least just for the 'dubsta', would be to use the files you downloaded to the replace the 'schafter3' engine sounds & then set the 'dubsta' to use those 'schafter3' engine sounds by editing the 'dubsta's '<audioNameHash>' line in 'vehicles.meta':



    Obviously, that would also change the engine sound for the 'schafter3/4/5/&6' as they all use the 'schafter3.awc'. There are some add-on Mercedes engine sounds (check carefully, not all are add-ons etc) available on the main site however, so if you like the sound of one/some of them, you could always edit the 'schafter3/4/5/&6' '<audioNameHash>' lines in 'vehicles.meta' to use that/them instead & only have the 'dubsta' use the 'schafter3.awc' or just set the 'schafter3/4/5/&6' to use a different suitable vanilla engine sound etc.

    Hybrid Solution (a little bit of everything, but easier to learn initially than Ultimate solution):
    You may also be able to download a pre-made add-on engine sound dlc & then using it as a base, & referring to the original 'suv_2_us_v8.awc' & the 'dubsta's '.rel' values etc as a guide, edit the audio & '.rel' files in the add-on to create a 'dubsta.awc' & use that to apply solely to the 'dubsta'. You'll undoubtedly, unless very lucky, run into airy/weird engine sounds in-game doing that, but in that tut above, I do mention that & what needs to be done to fix it.
    Starting with someone else's work & then editing it to what you want, is probably a good place to start, especially if you do intend to learn how to edit the game's '.rel' files &/or create your own add-on engine sounds dlc at some point in future. The problems you will run into doing it that way will teach you a lot of the issues you are likely to face when you come to creating your own & it'll get you somewhat comfortable with the process required etc, without having to deal with huge files full of other vehicles & other sound related stuff etc.

    Additional Questions/Info:
    Also, did you edit the 'DUBSTA_EXHAUST_/DUBSTA_VEHICLE_DOOR_' names in the downloaded 'schafter3' engine sounds file or was that how they were when you downloaded it? As I can't see how they would work without '.rel' edits to go along with them (should be 'SCHAFTER3_EXHAUST_POP_01/02/03' to work with the
    'schafter3' & vanilla 'dubsta' is set to '<ExhaustPops>null_sound</ExhaustPops>' so has no pops).

    So in more general terms, if a vehicle is not set up to use pops etc in it's '.rel' file, it's not going to use them even if they are placed in the '.awc' it is using. A vehicle is just going to use the audio '.wav's it is told to in the '.rel' files & will completely ignore any additional '.wav's it may have in the '.awc' it is using. On the plus side of that, it's possible to have two vehicles, one set up to use pops/dumpvalve etc, one not, & have them both use the same '.awc' & not have to worry about pops/dumpvalve etc sounds being forced on in the engine sounds of both vehicles in-game.
    If you want to edit pops/dump valve/tranmission/air intake etc sounds on a vehicle by vehicle basis, especially if adding them to a vehicle that doesn't normally have them etc, you need to use the '.rel' files to do that. :thumbsup:

    I've certainly not covered everything here, but probably enough to digest for now. A lot will depend on what you ultimately want to do. I'd say getting to know the '.rel' files at least, &/or creating your own add-on engine sounds dlc is probably where you want to go if you want complete freedom, but using select '<audioNameHash>' edits, maybe combined with downloaded add-on engine sounds (more of them will appear all the time now) & the odd '.rel' edit is still a very functional way of doing it. :thumbsup:

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