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Game Crashing without massage!!!

  • my game crashing after long loading and its not giving any errors, can anyone help!

  • You probably need a gameconfig, I would recommend the one by F7YO.

  • @taw981 Explain what you did before it ctd, please. Mods or wrong configurations are always the cause of game crashes. Always make a backup and install one mod by another and remember what exactly you did before it crashed and reverse it. Reinstall the original files and see if it works.

  • @taw981 had the same issue and for me it was openiv.asi that crashes my game without a message. idk why it did that but it crashed my game without a message so to solve the problem quick before trying other things, just delete openiv.asi

  • @hc57171 i have tried so many gameconfigs, i installed only 2 cars with graphics mod latest update

  • @John_CK delete OpenIV and you will never have any problems with mods again. Your game will run exactly like R* intended it to - in plain vanilla without any possibility of running any addon or replace mods.

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