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RGL re-downloads modded original files, how to bypass?

  • Well. I bought the game from the Social Club, and this version, like all others, use the Rockstar Games Launcher, when I try to modify the game, I can only install mods in the mods folder. But I want to install mods, like car models, sounds or VisualV to original files. I tried to re-encrypt .rpf archives using ArchiveFix, but it did not help, from the word at all, every time I try to start the game with mods RGL updates the game by redownloading the original files again. So, anyone know how to fix that, or install mod into original game files properly, maybe I doing something wrong, because people saing that using Steam or EGS version, for example, doesn't have that issue.

    P.S: I need install mods into original files, 'cause RageMP ignoring mods folder.

  • @DozelRhine You could try and bypass the R* Launcher with this mod, but I'm not sure if that'll work with RAGE MP, probably best to ask on their forums.

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