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[VEHICLE][WIP] Austin | MINI | Morris (1959–2000)

  • "Mini" is a two-door compact city car that was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000...

  • The 3D model of the MINI Cooper can be easily found all around, but also in many games. I base my work on the model from FH4. However, although usually the models from Forza have a very nice and detailed engine, this is not the case with this model. This Forza model does not have any engine.
    That's why I also used a model from the NFS game. The engine is not so detailed as those from the Forza, but it will be good enough for the GTA V.


    I am adapting the engine, but I am also adding some details...


    ... and there will also be some animated parts. All in all it should look good enough in GTA V

  • @NajPotez Good attention to the details. Also you can make moving radiator fan with 3D model, instead of using vehicle_track2 material. Use sblade, fblade or rblade objects to do this.

    alt text

    For better understanding you can take a look on blades mods from "Arena War" DLC cars

  • @Yarm1995 Thanks a lot for the tip, i will have a look.

  • @Yarm1995 Yes, it spins :) ... here it is:

  • @NajPotez This looks much better :)

  • Looks really cool!

  • There will be some tuning options ...

    ... including few liveries:


  • @NajPotez LOOKS lovely keep the good work my friend : ))))

  • I am also working on another version of this car:

  • View from ZM on the interior:


    The RHD version required mirrored wipers (also the texture of the windshield on the dirt map), radio and interior mirror. It also needed a switch between oil and temperature dials. The steering wheel with the steering column and pedals are moved to the right.


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