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[VEHICLE][WIP] Austin | MINI | Morris (1959–2000)

  • "Mini" is a two-door compact city car that was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000...

  • The 3D model of the MINI Cooper can be easily found all around, but also in many games. I base my work on the model from FH4. However, although usually the models from Forza have a very nice and detailed engine, this is not the case with this model. This Forza model does not have any engine.
    That's why I also used a model from the NFS game. The engine is not so detailed as those from the Forza, but it will be good enough for the GTA V.


    I am adapting the engine, but I am also adding some details...


    ... and there will also be some animated parts. All in all it should look good enough in GTA V

  • @NajPotez Good attention to the details. Also you can make moving radiator fan with 3D model, instead of using vehicle_track2 material. Use sblade, fblade or rblade objects to do this.

    alt text

    For better understanding you can take a look on blades mods from "Arena War" DLC cars

  • @Yarm1995 Thanks a lot for the tip, i will have a look.

  • @Yarm1995 Yes, it spins :) ... here it is:

  • @NajPotez This looks much better :)

  • Looks really cool!

  • There will be some tuning options ...

    ... including few liveries:


  • @NajPotez LOOKS lovely keep the good work my friend : ))))

  • I am also working on another version of this car:

  • View from ZM on the interior:


    The RHD version required mirrored wipers (also the texture of the windshield on the dirt map), radio and interior mirror. It also needed a switch between oil and temperature dials. The steering wheel with the steering column and pedals are moved to the right.


  • RHD car needs an extra meta (vehiclelayouts.meta).
    ( You can read more about it in this topic )
    There is a Vsoreny's "layout_LOW_RHD" file that you can find with some cars, so I, following that example, wanted to make a file with a standard layout. However, when reversing, the driver leans too far to the right and gets out of the vehicle's dimensions.

    Realizing that due to many other details, "layout_LOW" fits better for this small vehicle, I decided to apply it to the LHD version as well. The speedometer is fully visible from the first person view with "layout_LOW". With "layout_STD" the speedometer is completely covered and not visible. Also, with low layout, it is easier to accommodate the driver and passenger in the dimensions of such a small vehicle. The positions of the steering wheel and pedals are also better ... So "layout_LOW" it is.

  • The two versions of the car will be in one dlc.rpf package. The vehicle will share the same handling, .ytd for texture, as well as .rpf for mods ... Here is the video that shows livery options:

  • I made 5 LODs:

    high ...........49.412
    low.............. 5.983
    and very low...710 polygons

    Should be fine for the performance.

  • Released 27.X.2021.

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