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Hookah Palace Billboard changing

  • Hi to all
    Guys I wanted to have my own pictures instead of those 3 in hookah Palace Billboard .
    I have found a tutorial (https://www.gta-mods.com/misc/own-image-as-billboard-tutorial-hookah-palace-my-billboard)
    but I'm stuck at level 13 . Could anybody help me to pass this level ? Or if you know another way to replace with your own pictures I would be glad to hear it .
    Sorry if my English was bad

    • I had to delete number * 5 * (right after gta) from the link so site allows me to post it .

  • @Ariamehr
    Basically, there are two ways to replace textures within a '.ytd'.

    You can either:

    Use 'Import' to replace multiple textures at once:
    You can use 'Import' (top left of OpenIV Texture Editor. Circle with a cross in it, with 'Import' underneath) to import them both at the same time (ie 'Import' can select & import more than one file at a time, but will only replace textures with the same name as the '.dds/.png' etc you import. Any textures with different names to ones already in the '.ytd' will be imported, but won't replace anything, so check your texture names are 100% correct if using 'Import' :thumbsup:).


    Use '[Replace]' button to replace a single texture at a time:
    Alternatively, you can select the textures in the '.ytd' individually (select one & highlight it) & then use '[Replace]' button to replace them one at a time (ie '[Replace]' can only select one file at a time & will only replace the file in the '.ytd' that is highlighted before hitting the '[Replace]' button. Using '[Replace]' button, the texture you select can be named anything, it doesn't have to be named the same as the texture you are replacing :thumbsup:)

  • @a63nt-5m1th Hi dude , my problem was solved . So much thanks

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