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Problem with spawn name Add-On vehicles

  • Hi everyone, I'm going crazy trying to change the spawn name of an addon vehicle, I read a topic on this forum where it says to replace the spawn name in the <modelName> blista </modelName> string present in the vehicles. meta file, but when I try to spawn the vehicle with menyoo nothing happens. Please, are there any other files I need to edit? Thanks everyone for the help, I really appreciate it

  • @Animale Not sure where you read that but it's way incomplete. Changing just the folder name has a couple steps, but you need to do quite a few replacements if it is the spawn/model name. For folder this includes content.xml and setup2.xml to change its name (add change in dlclist.xml too).

    For spawn name changes in Carcols.meta, Vehicles.Meta, Handling.meta, Carvariations.meta.

    Same if you have other tuning and mod files. You don't need to change xxxmods.rpf as long as the file name is the same in content.xml, but i tend to change it just for consistency.

    You also need to change xx.yft, xx_hi.yft, xx.ytd

    Best bet is to export the files to you HDD and use a text editor to search and replace. Backup your originals, and then replace with the corrected ones.

    Tip: Take a good close look at another addon model in OpenIV. Go through every package, every single file and you will see the naming conventions. Use that as your blueprint. Always works from your mods folder, always backup.

    Examples in Vehicle.meta, from cobra to cobra2

    <gameName>SC427</gameName> (won't impact spawn)
    <vehicleMakeName>SC</vehicleMakeName> (won't impact spawn)

  • thank you so much, i will try soon , but there is a script for simply change spawn name? Thank again, i very appreciate

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