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Car texture issue?

  • Hello, I have an issue with a car loads in just fine and can drive around. I drove it into a garage(MLO) and the car goes invisible. No occlusions or anything, all other cars are fine. The only thing that can be seen while looking at the car is its damage, sometimes if bugs out the floor, and you have to run out and back into the building. Was wondering what could be causing this, and is it something I can fix if the car is unlocked, and how?

    I appreciate everyone who reads this as this would make a great learning experience for myself as a little insight in how something (possibly small) may make the car vanish.

    I have tried removing carcols and the carvariations no luck. tried similar models and one works with out the carcols and variations. Due to the difference in how people make cars, this isn't a huge hint.

  • @TJ190 Sounds more like an issue with the MLO and it's portals. When does the car disappear? As soon as you enter the garage or when you get out of the car? Can you provide pictures of what exactly is going on? Can you link the garage mod?

  • Alrighty,

    one, as this does it when I drive in with this one vehicle. This happens in a few more maps I have installed. You have to look at the car right for it to re appear, the car may appear then the ground disappears. The car disappears around 10 steps into the door way. Both, if I'm in the car the map disappears, if I'm out of the car or look at it wrong, the car disappears. The car is still there just invisible.
    to see it.

  • So I found out what it was, after searching the web for a few hours. its the chasis dummy clipping the ground, so the vehicle height is the issue.

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