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should I go lore friendly or go with the California themed emergency services?

  • I've been unable to make up my mind about this for a while as i do enjoy the lspd bcso and lssd, departments along with the lsfd lscofd and the bcfd but i also love the California based emergency services aswell

  • well, thats entirely up to you, but id stay lore friendly cause it blends it well

  • @baked-beans Honestly why the game has so called lore friendly things is because of legal reasons. However mods are excluded from those legal troubles and it is free to make realistic themes as well.

    If you look at the game files, you can see they actually used real names for many of the files like venice beach, santa monica, beverly hills and so on... However in the game their names changed.

    I honestly prefer to go with California because why would I want to use a fake name for a car, building, prop... that has been made from a real model but some people also thinks lore friendly creates an illusion of being in a different place than reality as well.

  • I think I'm gonna go with Cali since there is so many mods that fit the state. Thanks everyone

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