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Need Help To Fix Error/Crash

  • Hello. I need help with an error/crash I keep getting when I have mods in the game. The error pops up after a few minutes of gameplay and says "A New Guard Page For The Stack Cannot Be Created" and when I click ok on it or close it out it crashes my game. Is it the fact I have incompatible mods or maybe just too many mods perhaps? I would enjoy your help if you have the answer to this. I'm running GTA V on the Rockstar Launcher in administrator mode with 32GB Ram & 3TB of storage. Thank you for your time and response to this topic.

  • What mods do you have installed? Also have you modified any xml and or meta files.

    This by no means covers all causes of that error, but might be a few places to start:

    Do you have a custom 'gameconfig.xml' installed? If not, try one of these from these mod authors:

    If using one of them already, maybe try out the other. They're both good, but no gamconfig or modded GTAV born equal. One might work better for you etc.

    "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created", some possible causes:

    • Replace vehicles that have a file size that is much bigger than the vehicle they replace (same probably applies to replace peds too). If you have replace vehicles, test a vanilla 'popgroups.ymt' in your 'mods' folder to confirm whether any are the cause:

    ...Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\popgroups.ymt

    if confirmed, remove vehicle/s from 'mods' folder 'popgroups.ymt' one at a time (or in small batches etc) to fix (alternatively, might (not always) be able to get away with limiting the total number that spawn ('<maxNum value="1" />' in 'vehicles.meta') or remove from traffic & keep as player vehicle only etc). Also read this thread for details on how to mitigate it happening again in future.

    • 'handling.meta' with extra closing statement in a car's handling profile:


            <Item type="NULL" />
        </Item> <!-- <<<this line shouldn't be here. Duplicate of above line -->
        <Item type="CHandlingData">
          <fMass value="1800.000000" />
    • Likely other 'handling.meta' syntax errors could cause it too. Open each 'handling.meta' with OpenIV > right-click file > 'Edit' (or Ctrl+Enter) & hit the '[ </> XML]' (top middle right) to check file for syntax errors. Fix any you find (it will tell you what line it thinks is wrong, sometimes it's a bit more complicated than that, any issues fixing any you find, upload the file somewhere, & give me a the link to it :thumbsup:).
      Given, they are almost in the same place/file location. Probably worth ruling out syntax errors in all your 'vehicles.meta' files at the same time. You can find them all using Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV & search 'mods folder only' for name of file ('handling.meta'/'vehicles.meta' etc)

    • 'visualsettings.dat' - "something to do with the draw distance and loading of certain areas" (subjective, user posted this, but was never confirmed in any specific detail (see here. The "a new guard page for the stack cannot be created" info on that page starts on post#17, not entire thread etc).
      Test a vanilla 'visualsettings.dat' in 'mods' folder, if you've edited 'visualsettings.dat' draw distances etc. Or just test it anyway if it's modded, just to rule it out etc.

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