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Rate of Fire from Vehicle change?

  • Does anyone know how to change this value? I seen a video of someone shooting their pistol out of the car at regular speed and would like to figure it out., as the normal speed is too slow for me. Always has been.

  • @GlintLeGulag Go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai and drag and drop weapons.meta to your windows.

    Then open it with notepad++ and find your desired weapon (their names start with <Name>WEAPON_ ... )

    Then increase the <Speed value= under it's category.

    Note that this will only change the firing rate from vehicle, it won't effect the firing rate outside it.

    If you want to increase normal firing rate as well (increasing this won't increase the fire rate from vehicles);
    drag and drop weaponanimations.meta to your windows (same locations as weapons.meta).

    Weapon names are named as <Item key="WEAPON_...

    Then increase the;
    <AnimFireRateModifier value=
    <AnimBlindFireRateModifier value=
    <AnimWantingToShootFireRateModifier value=

    Note that you only need to increase the ones that comes first. For example there are more than 1 <Item key="WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL"> category. So you need to modify only the first category.

    It is better if you set the first 2 values the same, 3rd one must be different and higher.

    The values you can increase with 0.2 increments each time.

    These are the values I have for my pistol and combat pistol (just to give you an idea). Their fire rate is more or less the speed you can keep clicking the mouse button.


          <AnimFireRateModifier value="1.260000" />
          <AnimBlindFireRateModifier value="1.260000" />
          <AnimWantingToShootFireRateModifier value="3.260000" />
          <Speed value="2000.000000" />


          <AnimFireRateModifier value="1.340000" />
          <AnimBlindFireRateModifier value="1.340000" />
          <AnimWantingToShootFireRateModifier value="3.400000" />
          <Speed value="2600.000000" />

  • Bro thank you SO much for the speedy reply. Gonna work this out now. I modified the AP Pistol and now I'm on a mission to do more! haha THANK YOU!

  • @GlintLeGulag You are welcome so very much :))) Have fun with faster firing weapons now :sweat_smile: <3

  • Man I'm bugging out I read the bottom half of your advice as the top half, my bad for the dumb question it's 3AM lol.

  • @Aurora11 So I changed the value you recommended, it didn't work.
    However with a little more curiosity and past threads I scoured.

    <TimeBetweenShots value="0.170000" />

    is the value to change and i lowered it from 0.370000
    which resulted in the change I wanted.

    ...For anybody else as well that may stumble on this
    Thank you again!

  • @GlintLeGulag Ugh, sorry I'm having a bad day and I just confused the value :( Yeah it's timebetweenshots correct, at least I got to point you to the right direction :( Very sorry for the wrong value :((((

  • @Aurora11 Nah man you helped ne a lot, I wouldn't even be in the ballpark if it wasnt for you yo thank you again!

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