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Need help where is the default mood located (Menyoo reference)

  • Does anyone knows which file Menyoo is using when I select Default under Player Options>Moods ? (or the name of the default mood animation of the game).

    I have found everything else by simply searching with OpenIV however no matter how deep I dig I just can't find the default one :(

  • @Aurora11 source code? Have you tried searching through that. Don't understand why you would be exploring menyoo with OpenIV when menyoo is not encrypted and OpenIV can't read a compiled file?

    My guess is that it is compiled facials@gestures@ mood_normal_1 and therefore not easily editable, given you will need to recompile. What did you want to change it to?

    namespace FacialAnims_catind
    //struct NamedFacialAnim { std::string caption; std::string animName; };
    const std::vector<NamedFacialAnim> vFacialAnims
    { "Normal", "mood_normal_1" },
    { "Aiming", "mood_aiming_1" },
    { "Angry", "mood_angry_1" },
    { "Happy", "mood_happy_1" },
    { "Injured", "mood_injured_1" },
    { "Stressed", "mood_stressed_1" },
    { "Smug", "mood_smug_1" },
    { "Sulk", "mood_sulk_1" },
    { "Sleeping", "mood_sleeping_1" },
    { "Drunk", "mood_drunk_1" },
    { "Burning", "burning_1" },
    { "Dead", "dead_1" }

  • @Aurora11 I'm not an expert, nor a programmer, and there could be more than one function (normal and spooner). For example

    This is in file routine.cpp from the Menyoo source.

    void set_ped_facial_mood(GTAentity ped, const std::string& animName)
    auto& m = g_pedList_facialMood[ped.Handle()];
    m = animName;
    SET_FACIAL_IDLE_ANIM_OVERRIDE(ped.Handle(), const_cast<PCHAR>(animName.c_str()), 0);

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh, I never thought about checking source code. However I couldn't find anything in it to answer my question. There is no mood_default or something like that :/

    Although many thanks to you, I did a bit of lucky tryings and figured out the Default Mood using the 3 animations from facials@gen_female@variations@normal.ycd . When I changed those animations with drinking, my character kept playing drinking animation as I launched the game. Although there is like 1 pose in that mood or something that is still looking like a facials@gen_female@base" name="mood_normal_1" but it's not staying more than a second or even less.

    Also weird enough, Normal Mood is also using the same .ycd . Although when I select Normal Mood in Menyoo, that transition like mood_normal_1 not showing. but yeah, it's not even noticeable anyway.

    The reason I wanted to change this is because there is a mood animation named facials@gen_female@base" name="pose_normal_1" which adds a slight but very very pretty smile on the character. I can also just activate that one with Menyoo's Second Task Loop animation setting but there are some catches happening;

    • Some animations that comes with other mods (like pressing the car's remote control animation from Vehicle Control mod) disabling this animation.
    • When I use that animation the legs of the character slightly twitching while walking and the angle of first person camera in vehicles being very very limited (you can't even turn your head enough to look at right seat).
    • When I save the Database in Files with Menyoo's Spooner, Menyoo saving only 1 animation as Primary Loop setting and if for example I used that pose_normal_1 animation as Second Task Loop after selecting another animation first as Loop/StayInLastFrame , Menyoo still saving the last used animation by disregarding it's Second Task Loop. So when I load the placements, those characters just using the pose_normal_1 only and as primary animation.
    • Not much but if I wish to use an animation that I have to combine 2 different animation with that Second Task or Upperbody Second Task, then I am having to sacrifice that pretty smile :(

    So my idea was, if I edit those ycd files and make the character always use pose_normal_1 animation as a current facial expression (mood) instead of selecting it in Menyoo Animations, I thought I no longer suffer these problems. Which turned out very luckily true and now my character always having facials@gen_female@base" name="pose_normal_1" animation active without any of those issues :blush: <3

  • @Aurora11 Thanks for sharing. How did you edit a ycd file, those are binary?

  • @JohnFromGWN You can export it using CodeWalker. I don't know how to do anything under <Animations> part since they are just numbers .. I believe I need an animation program to import that file to be able to edit those, which I think they are the animation itself.

    but you can swap an animation with another for example. If you copy paste the AnimationHash of an animation to another animation, they are both being the same animation in game. So with this way you can change an animation.

    I wish so much though it would be possible to make new animations for gta 5 like in Skyrim and Fallout :cry: I have seen a video jedijosh managed to import a gta 5 animation to an animation program but then he gone silent about it, never shared a progress or what happened with that :sob: :sob: 🥺

  • @Aurora11 yeah i saw that video and i guess lots of people actually believed it was going to happen. They didn't realize how complicated animations are. What i think might be feasible would be to combine animations. That would be pretty cool and nowhere near the complexity of editing or creating animations from scratch. Sure you can use task sequences but combining would be ideal.

  • @JohnFromGWN True, if at least we could somehow edit them maybe even in most basic ways, it would be very nicey. I'm so sad they made these animation files completely uneditable :( After all these years honestly, I wish they would just release a proper modding tool, so people would create a lot more things with so much easier ways :(

  • @Aurora11 actually an editor wouldn't help much. You need motion capture studios, all the associated video and computer technology, technicians, actors, and very deep pockets . In this video they suggest R* could produce something for gamers but i don't see this happening in the near future.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well it depends. They made the game's animations with motion captures but it's not that hard for them to implement an animation editor or at least creator. Even if you can't create an animated animation, you can still create a static pose at least :(

  • @Aurora11 definitely agree for the static pose. Someone who understands the file format could use the base idle, identify the bones, and reposition them, sadly it won't come from rockstar.

  • @Aurora11 Actually it might be interesting to take an animated GTA5 character, like Michael, and bring him back into GTA with the animations. The Mixamo animations are text files (or binary if you choose). Imagine a converter from Mixamo to GTA5.

  • @JohnFromGWN It would be so so much amazing really such a converter :( People would even easily make their own animations, it would be time consuming perhaps but definetly not too difficult.

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